VIDEO: Behind the Bar at Restaurant DANIEL

Watch our exclusive video featuring the team behind the bar at Restaurant DANIEL mixing the restaurant’s signature cocktail. 

Meet Fabio Raffaelli and Anthony Granzo, bartenders at Restaurant DANIEL in New York City. While Chef Daniel Boulud’s kitchen team is preparing Michelin-worthy dishes for guests, you’ll find them behind the bar in the lounge, mixing signature drinks, cracking jokes, and looking dashing in chic white jackets.

“As you know, DANIEL is a Michelin-starred restaurant,” says Fabio. “What we are trying to do at the bar is to maintain the same level of dedication.”

Fabio is from Italy, and he’s been working at DANIEL for two-and-a-half years. He started bartending at 16 (“because of the girls,” he admits) but eventually turned his skills into a professional career, traveling to France, Spain, England and finally, New York to work in fine-dining restaurants.

Anthony grew up in the south of France, and he came to DANIEL six months ago from the world of cocktail bars. He attended catering school and worked in various capacities in hotels and restaurants before hitting his stride as a bartender — “I found the mix of everything behind the bar,” he says.

Their different backgrounds have brought a spike of creativity to the bar menu at DANIEL, where they are rebuilding the entire cocktail program with 10 new drinks that cover the techniques of the bar. But there’s one classic that will always be in style: The White Cosmopolitan.

It’s the restaurant’s signature cocktail, made with vodka, St. Germain, fresh lime juice and white cranberry. But what truly makes it special is the presentation: “It’s presented in a martini glass, with an ice ball with orchids inside,” says Fabio. “It’s absolutely beautiful.”

It’s little touches like that — orchid-filled ice, a perfume bottle spritzing vermouth inside a glass — that elevate the bar experience at DANIEL.

“We are in 2015, and you need to be really good about the quality of the cocktails you are making,” says Anthony. “As good as what the kitchen is doing or the pastry is doing. It’s all about service and the quality of what you want to give to the customer.”

People may come to DANIEL for Chef Boulud’s renowned cuisine, but they linger in the bar with Fabio and Anthony for the cocktails and company. Watch the video above to see the duo in action!

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