Use the OpenTable Matchmaker to Settle the “What Do You Want to Eat?” Debate This Valentine’s Day

OpenTable matchmaker

At OpenTable, we can help you find the right restaurant for anything — especially Valentine’s Day. To add more romance and less squabbling to Valentine’s Day planning this year, we’re unveiling our Matchmaker, an online tool available at, making it easy for diners to find and book the perfect restaurant for Valentine’s Day based on a series of questions including party type and size, budget, ideal ambience, and desired cuisine.

Matchmaker easily and quickly combs through relevant options to deliver top recommendations for the special occasion. Based on a recent survey*, the Matchmaker couldn’t come at a better time. Deciding on what to eat is a source of anxiety for many Americans, with 1 in 2 survey participants saying they would rather do dishes than engage in an endless debate.

OpenTable’s Matchmaker helps deliver the right restaurant when you need it most. This Valentine’s Day, whether dining out with girlfriends or embarking on a first date, looking to spend like a boss or sensibly save, seeking a high-energy vibe or someplace low key, craving Italian or vegetarian-friendly eats, the OpenTable Matchmaker has diners covered. Conveniently available via desktop, and mobile-friendly, the restaurant generator takes a few seconds, quickly offering diners a series of available restaurant options to book for the big day. It’s a good thing, too. The survey also revealed:

  • Participants would rather engage in mundane household tasks, such as cleaning the dishes or taking out the garbage, than argue over what to eat
  • 4 in 10 Americans will just give in to their partner’s wishes in order to settle food disputes
  • For singles embarking on a first date, dining out can still be stressful, with nearly 1 in 2 agreeing that they will be judged by the restaurant they select

Finally, the secret to a lasting romantic relationship? The survey also found 50 percent of participants believe that enjoying nightly dinner and conversations is the secret sauce to going the distance. While love can be celebrated year-round, 6 in 10 agree that dining out on Valentine’s Day leads to a greater chance of getting lucky compared to other nights of the year.

For a complete guide to a delicious Valentine’s Day, go here.

*This OpenTable survey of 2,000 adults in the U.S. (18 years or older) was conducted between January 2, 2019, and January 3, 2019.

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