Specials in Houston: Book Special Meals, Dishes + Pairings at Select Restaurants

Did you ever wish you had information about a restaurant’s specials before you arrived? That’s possible, thanks to OpenTable specials in Houston, a new feature in this metro area.

specials in houston

Are you in the mood for a paella feast for two? Or how does $20 steak night sound? Whether you’re seeking out a special menu, dishes, or pairings, OpenTable specials can help you quickly connect with what you crave at great prices in the Houston area — and make a reservation for that experience!

Popular restaurants showcasing specials include B&B Butchers, Cafe Azur, Laurenzo’s Bar and Grill, Peli Peli, and more.

specials in houston

Here’s how you can view and book the current list of participating restaurants and their specials:

  1. Open up the OpenTable app and tap the “Specials” tile on the Home tab.
  2. View restaurants offering specials.
  3. Select the restaurant of your choice.
  4. Pick the reservation time that works for you and view the available specials.
  5. Select a special and tap reserve.

* If on your desktop, click here to view.

And, we understand that appetites change all the time; ordering these specials is optional — you can always select another item on a restaurant’s regular menu.

Restaurants interested in learning more can visit the OpenTable Open for Business blog here.

Don’t have the OpenTable app? Download it for free today.

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