Restaurants For Change Unites Chefs Across Canada to Make a Difference

Restaurants for Change

We have all experienced the power of food in one way or another. It brings people together, it fosters community and it nourishes our body and soul, among so many other things. In low-income communities especially, access to healthy food is a significantly transformative force. Organizations like Community Food Centres Canada (CFCC) are not only important advocates for the life-changing power of food but seek to empower communities to work toward a healthy and fair food system. With issues like food insecurity, poverty, and poor diet on the rise, not just in Canada but all over the world, the work they do is more relevant and important as ever. But CFCC isn’t only up to speed with the current state of the food economy, they are in tune with the changing trends within the culinary landscape as well and how they can utilize those trends to make a change.

“As interest in food and cooking has increased, so has the influence of chefs,” says Danielle Goldfinger, fundraising and events manager for CFCC. “People who care about food care what chefs have to say and that’s why it’s critical they lend their voices in support of an equitable food system.”

To this end, CFCC has united 65 restaurants across Canada in 15 cities, from Vancouver to Halifax, to produce their national fundraiser Restaurants For Change. On Wednesday, October 19, proceeds from dinner service at participating restaurants will be donated to support CFCC and other like-minded organizations that bring people together to grow, cook, share, and advocate healthful food for all.

The event is something that is not only looked forward to by diners, but the chefs and restaurant community are enthusiastic about being a part of it as well. Internationally celebrated Chef Ben Kramer has been involved in Restaurants For Change three years in a row.

“Restaurants For Change is a great cause. I came out last year to do the event and got to visit the Toronto Community Food Centres first hand and the work they are doing blew my mind. I couldn’t imagine not being a part of it.”

Make a reservation at one of the many participating restaurants across Canada in Calgary, Toronto, and Winnipeg — and dine out to make a difference!

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Melissa Monique Flores is a Los Angeles native and founder of boutique hospitality social media company Roman Candle Media. With a resume that spans celebrity chef publicist to organic farm volunteer, Melissa is a salt and peppered veteran of the industry. Find her on Instagram @mmmflo and Twitter @mmmflo.