Restaurant News: Good Patios, Bad Reinventions, and French Chefs in London

* French chefs say “Oui!” to London restaurants. [The Guardian]

* Chain restaurants set their sights on Manhattan. [Wall Street Journal]

* Hotel restaurants are favoring function over form. [USA Today]

* Naming a restaurant isn’t easy as you’d think. [The Atlantic]

* Here’s what became of some of the country’s most famous restaurants of the last century. []

* Not surprisingly, Los Angeles restaurants have some pretty chic patios. [Los Angeles Times]

* Speaking of the City of Angels, actor Casey Affleck is rumored to be opening his own restaurant there. [Ecorazzi]

* Travel+Leisure names the best city restaurants. [Travel+Leisure]

* One politican thinks restaurant workers should be taxed for family meal. Clearly, this guy’s never eaten family meal. [Consumerist]

* Seattle restaurants must soon begin offering recyclable or compostable food containers. [KING]

* This is where top chefs try out for top restaurants. [Los Angeles Times]

* “Fine diners” prefer independent restaurants. [NRN]

* Do restaurants need their own iPhone app? Dallas restaurant Fearing’s thinks so. [D Magazine]

* LA restaurant Raphael goes really green. [Los Angeles Times]

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