MICHELIN Guide Names Toronto Its First-Ever Canadian Destination

After two difficult years, there’s finally some great news in Canada—and it’s especially great for restaurants. The MICHELIN Guide, one of the world’s leading food and beverage publications, in collaboration with Destination Toronto, has named Toronto its first-ever Canadian destination.

Founded in 1900 by the Michelin brothers, the MICHELIN Guide began in France by the tire company of the same name to make it easier for motorists to expand their travel (and hence buy more tires). More than a century later, the Guide has grown into a trusted culinary authority around the world. Today, it lists more than 30,000 restaurants and hotels in 30 different countries on three continents.

The Guide’s methodology for awarding stars is rigorous. MICHELIN inspectors are passionate about the restaurant or hotel business, visit various pre-selected establishments anonymously as customers, and evaluate them using precise criteria to determine which restaurants are included in the guide and which are awarded one of the highest honours in the restaurant industry: the famous Michelin stars.

The classification is simple: One star means the restaurant has very good food and is worth a stop, two stars means the food is exceptional and worth a detour, and three stars means that the place has unique cuisine worth a special journey.

Contrary to the idea that the Guide only offers high-end establishments with expensive bills, think again. There is also a BIB Gourmand category that brings together quality restaurants with good value for money—proving that breaking the piggy bank isn’t mandatory to eat well.

Nor do you have to disregard ethical and environmental values. The Guide has a green star, created in 2020, for restaurants and chefs who stand out in terms of sustainability. This star aims to reward establishments that work closely with ethical producers and suppliers, those that limit waste production, or those that show initiative for sustainable and virtuous cuisine.

The first MICHELIN Guide Toronto will be revealed in fall 2022. The secret inspectors have been in Canada for five years, poised to position Canada’s largest city as a culinary destination for travelers from around the world.

Torontonians may even rediscover their own city with the Guide’s suggestions.  

The MICHELIN Guide’s arrival in Canada will showcase our restaurant industry and gastronomic heritage. All Canadian chefs, from renowned to emerging, can find motivation in the opportunity to be recognized for their talent and ingenuity—and to share their passion with a new global audience.