Menus to Fall for: 33 Chefs on Their New Autumn Dishes

As summer fades into the rearview mirror, OpenTable chefs look toward the bounty of the autumn harvest to showcase a new season of flavor. From New Orleans to New York, Vancouver to Columbus, restaurant menus are brimming with fall dishes. The ingredients celebrate everything we love about autumn, from savory soups perfect for that first chill in the air to colorful root veggies and hearty one-pot stews that remind us of home. This is a time when many chefs feel their most creative. Here are 33 chefs on their new autumn dishes being served at restaurants on OpenTable.

Michael Nelson, GW Fins, New Orleans, Louisiana
“Our heirloom Alabama apple and endive salad with micro celery, candied walnuts, red grapes, cider gastrique, and Waldorf dressing is my spin on the classic Waldorf salad. It will be on the menu in early fall when my favorite apples from Mountain View Orchards are available. I love the flavors in a Waldorf salad, but the original is a little heavy and needed a modern twist. The dressing we make at GW Fins is made with walnut oil and finished with a touch of goat’s milk yogurt to give it a nice, tangy finish.”
Rave restaurant review: “Unique food combinations in a great place with very good service.”
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Jamie Adams, il Giallo Osteria & Bar, Sandy Springs, Georgia
“I’m looking forward to creating a fall dish of agnolotti with butternut squash in a sage brown butter with toasted pecans. We create our pasta from scratch every evening at il Giallo, and to be able to add the flavors of the fall season like butternut squash is absolutely ideal. Our agnolotti with smoked duck was one of Food Network’s Best Thing I Ever Ate pick, so this is a great fall spin on that dish.”
Rave restaurant review: “Amazing food and service, I would recommend for family and friends. Love it!”
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Janelle Reynolds, Rosedale Kitchen and Bar, Austin, Texas
“This fall I’ll be serving my new fall dishes, such as crispy duck confit made with creamed white beans, wilted kale, pancetta, and bourbon-maple demiglace. It has such warm, welcoming, and comforting flavors to walk into the cooler temperatures that are coming (not soon enough)! I will also be making my braised short ribs with cauliflower purée, roasted cipollini onions, wilted spinach, and cabernet reduction. I love braised dishes in the fall and winter months, just stick-to-your-ribs deliciousness!”
Rave restaurant review: “Great food, cute atmosphere, reliable sourcing, reputable chef!”
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Mike Brewer, Copper Vine, New Orleans, Louisiana
“I’m looking forward to showcasing smoked salmon with Cajun caviar and cornmeal waffle. Moving into the fall and holiday season, caviar and smoked salmon are always big hits. We’ve combined the two into a shareable dish for the entire table that includes great fall flavors.”
Rave restaurant review: “Lovely atmosphere, fun menu, and really lovely service from our great waiter. Will definitely be back!”
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Matthew Kenney, Ladurée, Los Angeles, California
“We are gearing up to launch a new range of vegan Ladurée dishes. This will also include the complete transformation of our Ladurée restaurant at North Beverly Drive to a fully vegan menu—a selection of which will also be available at our other restaurants alongside our traditional recipes. It is a very exciting time for our brand and difficult to choose just one of these dishes.”
Rave restaurant review: “Love Laduree and the new 100% plant-based menu is truly amazing! Best onion soup au gratin, and croissants I’ve ever had whether vegan or not. I went back the very next day after my first time and will be a regular!”
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Blake Mellgren, Craft House, Dana Point, California
“The new duck and pork dishes we’re putting on the menu are both plays on very classic dishes that we have reworked in the Craft House-style. Pork schnitzel is so classic and popular — most everyone loves it. It’s accompanied by braised cabbage, a savory pretzel bread pudding, and bacon and mustard vinaigrette. We’ll also have duck a l’orange — pan-roasted duck breast with a gorgeous a l’orange sauce and a hash of confit potatoes, braised pearl onion, and duck confit. Fall is going to be great at Craft House!”
Rave restaurant review: “Great food and atmosphere! Love the custom drinks, especially the bourbon ones! Definitely will be returning.”
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Corey Burgan, THE Blvd, Beverly Hills, California
“Our orecchiette with short rib ragout on my new dinner menu in THE Blvd is just in time for the arrival of fall. This signature dish is delivered to the table with gold silverware. The ragout is a recipe I first learned from my grandmother and have tweaked along the way. It is on the sweeter side and paired with my housemade pasta, which I make daily. Fun fact: the secret to the shape is freezing it after it’s been made. It truly is the perfect warming dish to enjoy on a cooler Los Angeles evening.”
Rave restaurant review: “Lovely food & great service! Would recommend going if you are in the Beverly Hills area.”
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Jason Lambert, Toups South, New Orleans, Louisiana
“We’ve got some exciting dishes debuting this fall, but I’m most excited about the smoked oxtail. It’s served with black pepper spaghetti, roasted wild mushroom duxelles, and cauliflower cream and is topped with toasted almond gremolata. This dish is comfort on a plate – rich, flavorful, and everything you want to eat come fall. I think it’s going to be a big hit!”
Rave restaurant review: “This was my first visit and I was blown away! The restaurant is spacious and beautiful. The pace of service was perfect while my friend and I chatted away. We were never rushed nor waiting. The food was delicious and definitely had a kick to it. I had a wonderful time!”
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Fortunato Nicotra, Felidia, New York, New York
“‘Al brucio’ is the term for the sauce of my candele because of the pasta’s spicy flavor. I add a dollop of fresh ricotta to help balance the spiciness of the sauce. As for the cacio e pere, the filling of this Felidia classic dish is a lively blend of shredded ripe pear and shredded 3-6 month-old pecorino Romano.  Grana padano and mascarpone are stirred together at the last moment. The chicken pizzaiola has quickly become one of our most popular at lunch at Felidia.  It’s a lighter and more contemporary version of the favorite Italian-American classic.”
Rave restaurant review: “Amazing food and service. The place was intimate and beautifully laid out. Would definitely recommend and go back again.”
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Matthew Accarrino, SPQR, San Francisco, California
“The dish I’m most excited about is the chestnut pasta with duck, smoked mushroom, and honeynut squash. I’ve been growing the tiny and sweet honeynut squash, which is like a butternut but smaller and more intense, for more than a few years, and I’m always excited to see them come into the season every fall. We are going to pair the squash with chestnuts, smoked mushrooms, and duck.”
Rave restaurant review: “Flavors and service are exquisite here. Approachable and expert staff.”
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Justin Koslowsky, Seaworthy, New Orleans, Louisiana
“My new Southern-inspired brunch menu offers a range of wild-caught seafood seasonal ingredients and personal twists on his favorite brunch dishes. A few dishes I am excited about for fall include Micah’s sandwich, a breakfast sandwich with Andouille sausage, folded over scrambled eggs, melted fontal cheese and Creole mustard mayonnaise on a toasted Dong Phuong bun, served with French fries. I’m also excited about the smoked fish: toasted sourdough bread featuring layers of smoked trout and avocado topped with a salad of cucumbers, radishes, and fresh lemon juice, and garnished with sunflower sprouts and sunflower, poppy and sesame seeds.”
Rave restaurant review: “Food quality was amazing, everything had a burst of flavor.”
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Roger Ma, Boulevard Kitchen & Oyster Bar, Vancouver, British Columbia
“The dish I am most excited about for fall is the local scallop crudo, made with shellfish emulsion, ikura, crispy kelp, preserved sansho pepper, Meyer lemon, and fig leaf oil. The inspiration for this dish comes from the great product available to us here in the Pacific Northwest — we use live scallops from northern British Columbia near the Great Bear Rainforest. The water in this area is pristine and the scallops are plump, fat and sweet. I am highlighting the quality of the scallop by doing as little as possible to it — serving it raw allows you to enjoy the natural taste and texture. For the emulsion, I use scallop, mussel and clam juice emulsified with a little Dijon mustard, mirin, and nigori sake. This sauce accentuates the natural sweetness of the scallop. The garnish plays on the firm texture of the scallop, the little pop and umami from the ikura, the subtle spice and numbing tingle from the sansho pepper, and the floral notes of the fig leaf oil make this dish unique.”
Rave restaurant review: “My favourite restaurant for oysters and upscale dining without stuffy vibes. Amazing table side experience with fun service!”
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Cedric Harden, River Roast, Chicago, Illinois
“I am extremely excited about our new Brussels sprouts dish for the fall. It is a crispy Brussels sprout, so it is fried and will be tossed with a delicious smoked garlic aioli. It’s tangy and sweet.”
Rave restaurant review: “Beautiful spot on the river and everything was delicious.”
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Ian McHale, Wildebeest, Vancouver, British Columbia
“The dish I am most excited about is the Wagyu tartare. While it’s still warm outside, we’re getting excited about all the bountiful mushrooms that British Columbia has to offer. This dish is a tip of the hat to autumn and features freshly shaved pine mushrooms, house-infused truffle oil, and morel salt. Not to mention, we are incredibly lucky to get to work with the only 100 percent pure-blood British Columbia Wagyu out here. I love tartare in all its forms, but this is definitely my favorite.”
Rave restaurant review: “Unique. Very friendly and committed to local ingredients. Food was excellent.”
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Chris Borges, Josephine Estelle, New Orleans, Louisiana
“The dish I am the most excited about is the Ruston peaches. This year’s peaches are coming from Ruston, the city in Northern Louisiana. We always have a toast on the menu, featuring our housemade sourdough bread, and this menu item features watercress pesto, wedged peaches, thin sheets of pork lardo, and aged ricotta cheese.”
Rave restaurant review: “Great as always and love listening to the vinyl!”
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Yancy Windsperger, Compline, Napa, California
“Our autumn vegetable lasagna is a dish everyone can appreciate. It’s layered with handmade pasta and all the amazing heirloom tomatoes and eggplant are exploding in the garden right now. As we move into fall, we love this dish because it’s surprisingly versatile when considering a wine pairing. Not only does it play well with a savory Italian Sangiovese, but spicy local reds and fuller-bodied rosés pair well, too.”
Rave restaurant review: “Such a phenomenal place! Everything was perfect. I would go back every day if I could!”
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Dirk Tolsma, EPIC Steak, San Francisco, California
“As summer winds down, a dish I love to feature at EPIC Steak is the classic steakhouse salad. Traditionally, it features beefsteak tomatoes, sliced white onions, and blue cheese – for us, we incorporate first-of-the-season radicchio and end-of-the-season heirloom tomatoes. The whole dish works together by blending the bitter flavor in the radicchio and the sweetness of the tomatoes.  For the salad, we use the baby inner leaves of Castelfranco radicchio, thick-sliced heirloom tomato, shaved raw red onions, fried crispy red onions, Katz vineyard red wine vinaigrette, sliced Humboldt Fog, and thick-cracked black pepper.”
Rave restaurant review: “Food, view & service just wonderful. Great restaurant for date night, celebration, or group dining.”
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Adrian Garcia, Commons Club, San Francisco, California
“I am so excited about bringing back the sunchoke soup that we had on our opening menu, mainly because I love sunchokes and they are in season from fall to winter and early spring. Our version, with chicories, black garlic, and jamón Ibérico, has the earthy richness we all want on a cool autumn night to warm us up.”
Rave restaurant review: “Flawless. That says it all no mistakes here. Don’t miss the rooftop bar. This place is as good as it gets… Exceptional service… Exceptional food… Exceptional room… Exceptional everything.”
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Lauro Romero, King Tide Fish & Shell, Portland, Oregon
“In clam chowder during fall, my deconstructed version uses fresh Oregon clams, such as manila, razor, butter, and geoducks, along with house-cured bacon, sautéed veggies of celeriac, carrot, leek, and onion, and smoked potatoes. The ingredients are served in the bowl with a soup pourer of clam chowder base alongside, so there’s an interactive experience for guests. It’s thickened with celery root and potato instead of flour, so it’s gluten-free. I’m excited about this new version of the dish for fall because chowder is warm and rich, which is everything I want in a fall dish. And I’m really proud of the version on our menu because it has all the familiar flavors but is presented in a new and interesting way with little touches that go a long way. We house-cure pork belly for the bacon, smoke the potatoes, and cook the vegetables separately so everything has the right cook time. Plus, as the water temperatures drop heading into fall, it’s a great time in the Northwest for shellfish.”
Rave restaurant review: “The food was amazing! Drinks were amazing as well. Excellent service! Highly recommend!”
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Anthony Sinsay, Outlier, Seattle, Washington
“One of the dishes I am most excited about on our new fall menu is called the American icon project. Each quarter we will study an iconic American chef and the contributions they have made to the modernization of American cuisine. We will take a signature dish of theirs to replicate in our kitchen. It is meant to be a way to show the younger generation of cooks coming up through our kitchen a basis of technique and allow them the opportunity to learn a piece of food history that will teach them techniques that aren’t as widely used today. We begin our study with Kimpton’s very own iconic chef: George Morrone. When I was fourteen years old I was enamored with the show Great Chefs on PBS. I remember watching an episode and chef George Morrone prepared a dish of tuna medallions with seared foie gras and pinot noir reduction at his restaurant Aqua in San Francisco. I had no idea what those ingredients were, but I was fascinated. Replicating this dish while using local ingredients here in Seattle has been fun. It’s exciting to learn the many techniques and flavors this dish so harmoniously balances.”
Rave restaurant review: “Loved the atmosphere and the food was fantastic!”
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Ryan Taylor, Hickory & Ash, Broomfield, Colorado
“I’m really excited about launching a new fall dish in October: chicken and dumplings. In my take on the classic American dish, I used a Southern twist inspired by the fall season. The chicken is brined in bourbon before being both roasted and fried and is accompanied by charred red cabbage and butternut and acorn squash-stuffed pierogies and topped with white barbecue sauce. We use our Hickory & Ash touch by grilling the red cabbage over hickory fire for a smoky note that’s scented with fall spices of juniper, nutmeg and allspice.”
Rave restaurant review: “The food was amazing! Loved everything about it! Will return when back in the area.”
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Chris Thompson, Coda di Volpe, Chicago, Illinois
“I’m enthralled with our squid ink chitarra with perfectly blistered oven-roasted cherry tomatoes. Typically I like to do garlic with seafood and onion with meat, so in this particular dish, we sauté smashed garlic in an abundance of olive oil and kick it up with some salty and spicy Calabrian chiles. Some bright and juicy Castelvetrano olives complement the tender, braised squid, and last but not least, we sprinkle some nepitella breadcrumbs to add a little minty oregano kick to the finish.”
Rave restaurant review: “We had a birthday dinner for my boyfriend here and the staff was great. The food was delicious. The cocktails were top-notch. Will go back!”
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Derek Herre, Rhubarb, Asheville, North Carolina
“I love fall. One amazing part is the great North Carolina seafood we get at Rhubarb, like wild shrimp. So, one dish I’m excited about this year is shrimp and grits on our brunch menu. With wild shrimp from our friends at Simply Caught Seafood and our housemade Tom Thumb sausage instead of andouille, we give it our Western North Carolina flavor.”
Rave restaurant review: “Probably the best ‘farm to table’ dining experience we have had (and we are well-travelled ‘foodies!).”
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Tyler Minnis, The Market Italian Village, Columbus, Ohio
“There is so much ripe produce and so many strong flavors and familiar feelings that come when the season changes to fall. It’s peak flavor time, which is why I’m most excited for The ‘No.67’. It’s a crowd favorite that I’ve run the past two fall seasons at The Market IV. A fusion of Middle Eastern and Asian flavors, it consists of sweet and sour squash, pear, labneh, pomegranate, pistachio, pumpkin seed tahini, and cilantro. I was pulling from the experience of going to a Chinese restaurant when you order the No. 22 from the board, then making the flavor experience something totally different than you’ve ever tasted, yet nostalgic at the same time.”
Rave restaurant review: “Nice variety of food. Great and unique flavors. Wonderful service and great suggestions from staff. Can’t wait to dine here again!”
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Chris Shepley, Vintage House, Bryan, Texas
“I am most excited about the Game Day Special offered during Texas A&M football weekends at the Vintage House. In Texas, beef still reigns supreme, but I love a good pork dish, especially as the weather cools and fall is upon us. I wanted to make something unique for the Aggie game day special, and so we are offering cocoa/coffee-rubbed Frenched pork chop. The dish is complete with my special barbecue sauce, made in-house with Messina Hof’s Cabernet Sauvignon.”
Rave restaurant review: “Always a pleasure to eat at Messina Hof winery! We can’t wait to return! Excellent wine, food, and service!”
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Stephen Herman, Arnette’s Chop Shop, Brookhaven, Georgia
“This fall our roasted fingerling sweet potatoes, maple marshmallow, and pecan crumble is my spin on a dish my mom always made for Thanksgiving dinner. This version really showcases the flavors of autumn.”
Rave restaurant review: “Great restaurant all around. Not a single complaint.”
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Rick Doherr, Cafe Rule &Wine Bar, Hickory, North Carolina
“With any change in season for chefs there comes some excitement for new products to use locally. The change of the weather drives us all to create new menu items. Moving into fall, colder nights inspire diners to order differently, a little more for comfort and warmth. At Cafe Rule, this autumn we’re offering wood-grilled pork tenderloin served with cast iron Brussels sprouts, fried grit cakes, tomato-bacon gastrique, and jerk-spiced sweet potato frites.”
Rave restaurant review: “An amazing, personalized experience with fantastic food and delicious cocktails! The service was spectacular and the ambiance was wonderful!”
Make a reservation at Cafe Rule & Wine Bar.

David Féau, Church & State, Los Angeles, California
“I am most excited about the cocotte lutée, made with chestnuts and porcini mushroom. I grew up foraging for chestnuts in our neighborhood, and it is a very nostalgic memory for me when I think about the fall season. At home, we would take chestnuts, walnuts, and some type of mushroom and bake a lutée. When you first break into the dish, you get all the nutty aromas that remind you of fall and it truly brings me back home.”
Rave restaurant review: “Outstanding!! Beautiful place. Talented chef. Wonderful staff. We will be back!!!”
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Raphael Francois, Tesse, West Hollywood, California
“The dish I am most excited about is the chestnut cappuccino soup with chicken oysters and wild mushroom. In France, the season of the chestnut starts in late September. The nutty softness of the chestnut made in the consistency of a creamy soup with seared chicken oysters is called sot l’y laisse.”
Rave restaurant review: “Perfect as always. What a gem!”
Make a reservation at Tesse.

Emanuele Baldassini, Antica Pesa, Brooklyn, New York
“The dish that I am most excited about is our delicious seasonal pasta dish, the ragu d’anatra. The dish is comprised of homemade fettuccine pasta, slow-cooked duck leg in a garlic, butter, thyme, orange, and black pepper sauce mixed with Parmigiano Reggiano DOP cheese aged for 24 months and topped with orange zest and cacao beans. The ragu d’anatra is one of the dishes that I love most for its full-bodied taste — delicate strands of fresh pasta, topped with bold-flavored meat which has been slow-cooked. The cacao, which adds a touch of bitterness and sweetness immediately after you taste, paired with the freshness of the orange zest brightens everything up and makes the flavors really pop. In Italy, autumn is famously known for its hunting period, and it’s very common to find fresh game on our tables like duck, hare, wild boar, and other game.”
Rave restaurant review: “5-star place with 5-star service and staff! Great place to go when you want good Italian food!”
Make a reservation at Antica Pesa.

Anastacia Song, American Cut, New York, New York
“At American Cut in the Midtown and Tribeca locations, I’m bringing in my Korean roots to offer an exclusive American Cut take on a traditional Korean street snack, the Hotteok. It is a filled pancake often eaten when the weather gets chilly and is normally filled with a sweet paste. This is a snack I loved as a child and sought out as an adult, as not many places in the U.S. offer it. While traditionally sweet, I wanted to make a version that would pair well with a cold beer or clean cocktail. It definitely reminds me of the two cultures that make me who I am, being a New Yorker and a proud as hell Korean. Our NYC Hotteok is a flavorful cross between a pastrami Reuben and a savory, chewy donut – a traditional wheat and rice flour yeasted dough seasoned with ground caraway and filled with our American Cut signature pastrami spiced ribeye, sauerkraut, and tons of Gruyere. Then it is pan-fried and served with a side of Gochujang Island sauce to dip. This dish is meant to be simple, approachable and playful. We will offer it on the bar menu throughout the fall. I’d love to be able to see guests’ excitement with that first gooey cheese pull and enjoy this dish as much as I enjoy making it and as much as I enjoyed it as both a child and today.”
Rave restaurant review: “It was a very nice experience, great decor. Amazing steaks and food. 100% recommended, great restaurant.”
Make a reservation at American Cut.

Kelly McKinney, Edwins Restaurant, Cleveland, Ohio
“I am most excited about the cherry clafoutis this fall season. I’m really partial to cherry clafoutis because it’s a hearty dessert that brings smiles to all who taste it. It’s simple, elegant and incredibly tasty.”
Rave restaurant review: “Edwins never disappoints! Every part of the experience is excellent — service, food, drinks, setting, music. We love everything!”
Make a reservation at Edwins Restaurant.

Michelle Karr-Ueoka, Trailblazer Tavern, San Francisco, California
“We have a couple of exciting new desserts we are serving up for fall including our donut “holes” and malasada bread pudding. The donut holes are a twist between an andagi, a Hawaiian-inspired donut hole, malama, which is inspired to look like a donut peach, and a French beignet – and these light and fluffy donuts are both fun and easy to eat. I pair the decadent bites with a variety of delectable, seasonal dipping sauces. It’s nice and light and fluffy so you don’t feel full and can continuously eat them like potato chips. The malasada bread pudding is wrapped in puff pastry and will be served with a fall fruit compote in the coming months, which will elicit the warm nostalgia of holiday flavors. You get the flakiness of the puff pastry and creaminess of the malasada bread pudding, all served with a warm apple compote – it’s almost like a bread pudding Wellington.”
Rave restaurant review: “Nice variety of menu items. Excellent dessert. Very attentive service.”
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Adam Barnett, Katharine Brasserie, Winston-Salem, NC
“Fall represents a move to rediscovering France for me. So some of our seasonal dishes really do represent a place. Our sauteed salmon with melted leek and celery root ‘fondue’ with butterball potatoes and mustard buerre Blanc has that feeling of the north coast of France. The melted leeks punctuated by the sweet earthy celeriac and finished with crème fraiche represent the flavors of fall in Normandy. It’s a dish that braces you against the cooler weather and taken as a whole, it eats bigger than the sum of its parts. The salmon is the star, but only because of a great supporting cast. I love that the dish is rich without being heavy. It’s vibrant and clean, yet still robust.”
Rave restaurant review: “From the first greeting to the final farewell, the staff was top notch and the food was some of the best I have ever eaten at a French restaurant.”
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