March 2018 Restaurant Weeks: Springtime Savings Are Here

March 2018 Restaurant Weeks

Farewell, February! A new month is upon us — not to mention a new season. Check out these March 2018 restaurant weeks in cities around North America, and stay tuned as we add more in the coming weeks.

* Inlander Restaurant Week continues with $21 + $31 three-course dinners through March 3. Make a reservation.

Annapolis Restaurant Week is on in the D.C. area with $15.95 two-course lunches and $34.95 three-course dinners through March 3. Make a reservation.

* Dine Out Long Beach Restaurant Week 2.0 invites you to meet, eat, and repeat with $15-$20 lunches and $20-$50 dinners through March 3. Make a reservation.

* Santa Barbara Restaurant Week is a celebration of the city’s culinary scene with $25, $35 + $45 dinners through March 4. Make a reservation.

Stamford Downtown Restaurant Weeks in Connecticut has $14.18 + $22.18 lunches and $28.18 + $38.18 dinners through March 4. Make a reservation.

Denver Restaurant Week is time to give your tastebuds a treat with $25, $35 + $45 dinners through March 4. Make a reservation.

East Passyunk Restaurant Week is showcasing $15 lunches and $35 dinners in the PHL through March 9. Make a reservation.

* Maine Restaurant Week has three-course gourmet dinners for$35, $45, and $55, March 1-12. Make a reservation.

* Portland Dining Month finds the area’s finest chefs serving up three-course meals for just $33, March 1-31. Make a reservation.

* Calgary’s The Big Taste Dining Festival has an array of choices, from scrumptious lunches for $18 + $28 to succulent three-course dinners for $28 + $40, plus gourmet five-course meals for $65, March 2-11. Make a reservation.

* Sonoma County Restaurant Week offers up $10 + $15 lunches and $19, $29 + $39 dinners in Wine Country, March 2-11. Make a reservation.

* Newport Restaurant Week arrives in New England with $16 lunches and $35 dinners, March 2-11. Make a reservation.

* Atlantic City Restaurant Week is your chance to taste the very best of AC’s culinary scene as local chefs cook up special dishes on prix-fixe menus, March 4-9. Make a reservation.

* Orange County Restaurant Week starts soon with $10-$20 lunches + $20-$50 dinners around the OC March 4-10. Make a reservation.

* Frederick Restaurant Week has delicious $15-$40 lunches + dinners, March 5-11. Make a reservation.

* Hudson Valley Restaurant Week is twice as nice with $22.95 lunches + $32.95 dinners March 12-25. Make a reservation.

* SJ Hot Chefs Spring Restaurant Week heats things up with $25 + $35 dinners from South Jersey’s top chefs, March 18-23. Make a reservation.

Check back for additional March 2018 restaurant weeks — and let us know which ones you’re taking advantage of here in the comments or over on FacebookG+InstagramPinterest, or Twitter. Also, remember to snap + share your #dishpics with us on Instagram for a chance to win in our weekly giveaway.

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