LudoBites 7.0 Sells Out in 60 Seconds; Dope-Free Dining; Lyonnaise Cuisine for Dummies; American Menus Through the Years; Charlie Palmer on Sin City

"Finally, there's something hotter than I am in Gone in 60 Seconds. And it's LudoBites 7.0."

* Gone in 60 seconds. That’s right! LudoBites 7.0 sold out in under a minute! [FrenchChefWife]

* Just in time for Bastille Day: Lyon chef Chris Leahy explains what Lyonnaise cuisine really is. [Fork in the Road]

* Where’s his ‘stache? Chef Charlie Palmer reflects on the Vegas dining scene in a guest column. [Las Vegas Sun]

* Is 1833 the most anticipated restaurant of the century? If you live in Monterey, it just may be. [InsideScoopSF]

* Don’t be a dope. Dine dope-free, if you’re a swimmer or not, in China. [TimesLive]

* How to Make  Michael Bauer Drool by Michael Bauer. Menu writers, take note. [InsideScoopSF]

* Summer breeze, makes me feel fine. Blowing through the jasmine rice in my mind. Chefs get sappy about foods of summers past. [HuffPost Food]

* A book that really is food for thought. Check out this first look at Menu Design in America, 1850-1985. [The Atlantic]