Charging for Tap Water; Reviewing New Restaurants Too Soon; Best Time for a Dinner Reservation; Female Sushi Chefs; Dining Out Cheaper Than Eating In

I'd like to say I wouldn't pay for tap water, but if I were really thirsty, yeah, I probably would.

Dining and restaurant news…

* Is his reasoning all wet? Writer Jeff Prince thinks restaurants should charge for water. [Fort Worth Weekly]

* From the ‘Judge Dread’ files: A blogger asks his cohorts to stop rushing to judge a restaurant as soon as it has opened its doors. [Passionate Foodie]

* Good times. What’s the best time for a dinner reservation? OpenTable diners in New York City say 7PM during the week and 8PM on weekends. [The Guardian]

* Listen up. Seattle chefs Ethan Stowell (Anchovies + Olives), Maria Hines (Tilth), and John Sundstrom, talk turkey about the restaurant biz. [KUOW]

* The one good thing about Herman Cain’s candidacy. It shed more light on the issue of sexual harassment in the restaurant industry. [NRN]

* Dirty deeds done dirt cheap. That about sums it up for some food-service workers, who suffer through labor violations for poor pay. [Mother Jones]

* The year that was. The 11 biggest food trends of 2011. [HuffPost Food]

* The star maker. Charles Pinsky is the man who turns food television into must-see-TV. [Wall Street Journal]

* Oh, say have you seen…: a female sushi chef? Me neither. [eGullet]

* Stop playing with my food. An editor wishes chefs would 86 all the excessive artistry on his plate. [Times Live]

* Congratulations! To OpenTable fave Chef Tenney Flynn of GW Fins on being named Chef of the Year by New Orleans Magazine. [Eater NOLA]

* I knew it! It’s cheaper to dine out than it is to eat in. [The Fiscal Times]