August 2018 Restaurant Weeks Start Now: Where to Save on Summer Dining

August 2018 restaurant weeks

August is peak ingredient season, thanks to the high summer harvest. Find out where to enjoy the best of the bounty for less with August 2018 restaurant weeks.

* Hudson Restaurant Week ends soon with $12-$20 lunches and $25-$40 dinners through August 3. Make a reservation.

Baltimore Restaurant Week features two-course $15-$20 lunches and three-course $20-$35 dinners through August 5. Make a reservation.

* Howard County Restaurant Week runs for a few more days in the Baltimore area with $15-$40 lunches + dinners through August 6. Make a reservation.

* Dine Out Downtown Delray Restaurant Week begins today in the Miami area with $20 lunches and $40 dinners through August 7. Make a reservation.

* NYC Restaurant Week continues with $26 brunches + lunches and $42 dinners through August 17. Make a reservation.

* Miami Spice starts now with two months of discounted dining at the city’s best restaurants with $23 lunches + brunches and $39 dinners through September 30. Make a reservation.

* Houston Restaurant Weeks is your chance to good while dining out on $20 lunches + brunches and $35 or $45 dinners with $3-$7 going to the Houston Food Bank for every meal sold through September 3. Make a reservation.

* COOLinary New Orleans Restaurant Celebration is on in NOLA with $20 or less lunches and $39 or less brunches + dinners through August 31. Make a reservation.

* Dine LBC comes to LA’s Long Beach area with special $25-$85 dinners, August 4-12. Make a reservation.

* Dine Out Boston has many ways to save with $15, $20 + $25 lunches and $28, $33 + $38 dinners, August 5-10 + 12-17. Make a reservation.

* Downtown Cincinnati Restaurant Week is your ticket to $15, $25, $35, or $45 lunches and dinners, August 6-12. Make a reservation.

* DFW Restaurant Week previews Dallas-Fort Worth’s best dishes. from August 8-10 with a $20 prix-fixe lunch and $39 or $49 dinners. Make a reservation.

* Bethesda Magazine Restaurant Week delivers deliciousness with $20-$22 brunches, $15- $36 lunches, and $18-$45 dinners, August 10-19. Make a reservation.

* Huntsville Restaurant Week comes to Alabama with$10 + $15 lunches and $10, $20, $30 + $40 dinners at restaurants in Huntsville, Madison, and Madison County, August 10-19. Make a reservation.

* San Antonio Restaurant Week arrives in the heart of Texas with $10 + $15 lunches and $10, $20, $30 + $40 dinners, August 11-25. Make a reservation.

* Pittsburgh Restaurant Week is offering specially priced menus from $20.18 to $35.18 at participating PGH restaurants, August 13-19. Make a reservation.

* Metropolitan Washington Restaurant Week kicks off in D.C. in a few weeks. Don’t miss $22 lunches + brunches and $35 dinners at restaurants like Founding Farmers (pictured above), August 13-19. Make a reservation.

* Downtown Raleigh Restaurant Week will be featuring $10 lunches and $20 + $30 dinners in North Carolina’s capital city, August 13-19. Make a reservation.

* Austin Restaurant Week is another way to help feed those with food insecurity while dining out. Book $25 lunches and $35 or $45 dinners and a portion of the proceeds from each meal will be donated to the Central Texas Food Bank, August 16-September 3. Make a reservation.

* Alexandria Restaurant Week arrives shortly with $15 + $22 brunches, $15 + $22 lunches, and $35 dinners per person or per couple, August 17-26. Make a reservation.

* Downtown St. Louis Restaurant Week awaits with delightful three-course $25 + $35 dinners, August 20-26. Make a reservation.

* Devour Indy Summerfest has specially priced gourmet meals at restaurants across Indiana, August 20-September 2. Make a reservation.

* Visit Orlando’s Magical Dining Month is a wondrous way to enjoy O-Town’s dining scene with three-course $35 prix-fixe dinners, August 24-September 30. Make a reservation.

Check back for the launch of additional August 2018 restaurant weeks in other cities, including Stamford, and share your experiences with us here in the comments or over on FacebookG+InstagramPinterest, or Twitter. Also, remember to snap + share your #dishpics with us on Instagram for a chance to win in our weekly giveaway.