And, the Final OpenTable ‘My Foodie Valentine’ Dinner for Two Giveaway Goes to…

Shannon calls Scott Kircher, "My boyfriend AND most favorite foodie of life!" How sweet is that?

On behalf of everyone at OpenTable, congratulations to Shannon Falzon of San Francisco, California, on being the last lucky winner of the OpenTable ‘My Foodie Valentine’ Dinner for Two Giveaway. Shannon, pictured here with boyfriend Scott Kircher, will receive a $200 AMEX or Capital One gift card to help him celebrate Valentine’s Day!

Shannon says, “The ohhhh-so-charming picture of us was taken at the House of Prime Rib in San Francisco.” We love the House of Prime Rib, too, Shannon, so we totally get your looks of anticipation!

Happy Valentine’s Day to Shannon and Scott, and thanks to everyone who shared their photos with their favorite foodies! They were each a great reminder that food and dining are infinitely more fun when shared with someone we care about.