7 Restaurant Trends OpenTable Diners Are Loving Now

7 Trends

Last week OpenTable released our annual list of the 100 Best Restaurants in America for Foodies, based on more than five million reviews from verified diners in our network. Once the list was complete, our team combed through it looking for new themes and similarities between restaurants to see what restaurant experiences foodies are craving today.

Overall, casual dining experiences are increasingly favored by guests (it’s no secret the white tablecloth is out), and we’re seeing that evolution play out in a few different ways, with restaurants catering more to their neighborhoods and communities. Chefs are still partial to local ingredients, but flavors and techniques are inspired by Spain, Israel, Japan, France, and beyond. And, many of these hot restaurants are the brainchilds of not just one star chef/owner, but two.

From menus to teams and dining styles, here are 7 restaurant trends we spotted.

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Olivia Terenzio is the Content Marketing Manager at OpenTable and editor of Open for Business