How to Think Thin at Restaurants; Five Reasons to Dine Fine; Doggie Bag Etiquette + More News


Apparently, the term doggie bag — and the sweeping practice of taking home leftovers — didn’t really hit until the 1970s.

Food and dining news from around the web and the world…

* Lose weight while you eat out. Not really, but you can curb calories. [HuffPost]

* Dining out with kids. It doesn’t have to be a chore with these tips. No kidding! [Lifehacker]

* Need a reason to embrace fine dining? Here are five from the maitre d’ at Daniel. [CNN]

* Doggie bag etiquette. Or why you shouldn’t ask for extra bread just to take home. [Buffalo News]

* Ain’t nothing like the real thing. A food writer prefers dining at a chef’s restaurant rather than a pop up. [Yahoo!

* Tom Colicchio: Top Activist. The Top Chef judge speaks out for hunger and food issues. [MSNBC]

* Come sail away. Being a chef on a private yacht has its benefits, but big bucks aren’t usually one of them. [The Triton]

* Gaga for gastropubs? Good thing — a lot of celebrity chefs are jumping on this trend. [Forbes]

* Fair or foul? The New York Times restaurant critic Pete Wells is casting a net far wider than the Big Apple. [NY Times]