Emerging Design at OpenTable

OpenTable strives to make the experience of dining out easier. Over the years, this has meant translating our service from the original website to all the various mobile devices people now use. We started out keeping it simple, knowing that was mandatory for people using us on the go.

The simplicity remains, though we’ve taken the opportunity to make the experiences richer and more inspiring. We’ve updated many of our interfaces, focusing on the various mobile platforms and the unique design languages each presents. The iPhone app kicked off a design refresh with the launch of iPhone 5 — and since then we have more imagery with Foodspotting dish photos while refreshing many of the user interfaces within the app. Android has followed suit with similar updates in addition to integrating Google+ Sign In.

The design team at OpenTable is a new addition, and these talented folks are busy planning an exciting future for how our consumer and restaurant products emerge. We’re in the early stages of our design evolution – some of which you can see in the before and after shots  – and there’s more and more to come.

Jocelyn Mangan is Vice President, Consumer Product Management.

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Windows Phone Mango: OpenTable Mobile Upgrades Are Here!

Concurrent with the Windows Phone “Mango” operating system release, we are pleased to announce that we have optimized OpenTable for Windows Phone to take advantage of several new Mango features. These include:

* Live Tile Support: Now when you make a reservation, you can “pin” it for quick reference and immediate access to get directions or make changes.

* App Connect: Perform a restaurant search on Bing Local and OpenTable restaurants will show up with a “Reserve” button next to the phone number. Tap it and go directly to the restaurant in OpenTable to reserve straightaway!

* Fast App Switching: This allows you to quickly resume the app from standby mode.

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