Charging for Tap Water; Reviewing New Restaurants Too Soon; Best Time for a Dinner Reservation; Female Sushi Chefs; Dining Out Cheaper Than Eating In

Dining and restaurant news… * Is his reasoning all wet? Writer Jeff Prince thinks restaurants should charge for water. [Fort Worth Weekly] * From the ‘Judge Dread’ files: A blogger asks his cohorts to stop rushing to judge a restaurant as soon as it has opened its doors. [Passionate Foodie] * Good times. What’s the […]

Dining Poll: Should Drinking Water Be a Question or a Custom at Restaurants?

There’s been much hullabaloo and ballyhoo around drinking water at restaurants. Some restaurants will pour you a glass regardless of whether you request — or want — one or not. Others don’t serve water unless a patron asks. So, we’re asking: What’s your preference when dining out? Weigh in below!   Should wait staffers automatically […]

Water Fight: Is Charging for H20 a No-No?

A San Francisco restaurant is charging diners for water (a buck per bottomless glass) and Michael Bauer investigates on his “Between Meals” blog. While the restaurant’s reasons are legitimate (the water they offer is filtered, available at room temperature or chilled, still or sparkling) and the dollar-per-diner charge helps offset the loss in sales of […]