Tweet of the Week: Once a VIP, Always a VIP

During a recent outing with her parents for her father’s 91st birthday, OpenTable diner Teri Galvez tweeted about the very impressive number of Dining Rewards points she’s racked up. Not one to want folks to miss out on enjoying free meals, I reminded Teri to redeem her points for  a Dining Cheque (or FOUR!). However, Teri was concerned that if she did so, she would lose her VIP status, which has afforded her some lovely VIP treatment when dining out. I reassured her that on OpenTable, once you’ve achieved VIP status, it remains that way, regardless of how many Dining Rewards points you have. So, keep reserving — and start redeeming, Ms. VIP! PS: Happy Birthday to your papa.


Tweet of the Week: Cheers to a Recap of Your Delicious Year!

Over the weekend, OpenTable sent diners a recap of their 2012 year in dining. Covering everything from how many reservations you made, the reviews you wrote, and how many Dining Cheques you received, the emails prompted a slew of fun tweets. Diners shared fond memories from the past year, boasted of their number of reservations (some as high as 90), and vowed to dine out even more in 2013. Thanks to @Dontignoretruth (aka Mark Lucas) for joining in the conversation.

Score a Free Ticket to Chef Daniel Boulud’s Summer Suckling Pig Feast at DBGB in NYC TONIGHT at 7PM!

All this can be yours tonight! Okay, well, a healthy portion of it can be yours. The rest will be mine.

We’ve got one free ticket to the invitation-only DBGB Pig Roast tonight at 7PM in New York. Finish our limerick and we’ll pick one at random. Then, meet me at DGBG in New York’s East Village (address below) tonight to dig into some delectably delicious pig at this sold-out event!

Finish this nursery rhyme in the comments section: “This little piggy went to market, this little piggy stayed home, this little piggy went to DBGB and.…” We’ll notify the chosen-at-random recipient by 4PM EST via the email address associated with your comment.

Details: A refined pig and beer feast? Only at Chef Daniel Boulud’s DBGB. This incredible, three-course dinner features a slow-roasted suckling pig with an abundance of seasonal side dishes and craft beer pairings from Founders Brewing Co. DBGB will whip up a few batches of their house-made piggy shaped bacon cookies and tuck in the recipe for a special take-home treat. Learn more!

When/Where: Wednesday, August 22, DBGB, 299 Bowery at Houston Street in New York City’s East Village.

Tweet of the Week: Being an OpenTable VIP Has Its Privileges!

If you’re not an OpenTable VIP (which you absolutely should be!), you should try dining out with one. As Rachel Skonik can attest via her tweet, it has its sweet rewards!

Top Dining Trends for 2012: Kids at Restaurants Are Out; Bread, Spicy Foods Are In

When you think about it, is there anything that isn't fine about dining on a juicy burger, like this one from Elements in LA?

As we look back today at the top restaurants of 2011, we’re also looking ahead to next year. We recently surveyed our restaurant partners and OpenTable VIP diners to find out the top trends for 2012.

1. Babysitters are as important as reservations. You love your children, naturally, but your fellow fine diners? Not so much. Two-thirds of respondents would prefer you leave the little ones at home, even though just as many restaurants are more than glad to serve young foodies.

2. Bread is back. Carbs be damned; more than 60% of diners want to see bread on the table at the beginning of their meal — and they don’t want to have to ask for it, thankyouverymuch.

3. Almost everyone likes it hot. Nearly 90% of OpenTable diners want chefs to turn up the heat with spices.

4. Burgers are no longer rare. Three-quarters of guests surveyed welcome burgers on fine dining menus and half of fine-dining restaurants serve them.

5. Breakfast: It’s what’s for dinner. More than 80% of respondents would like to see breakfast food served all day. [Ed. note: Me, too!]

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