Chefs Serving ‘Trash’; The Great Culinary School Debate; Ad Rock Gets His ‘Just Desserts’; Diners Still Have a Taste for Tasting Menus, Not Over-the-Top Entrees

It's no sleep 'til bavarois for Ad Rock these days.

* Should you go to culinary school to become a top chef? [Time]

* No, you should not go to culinary school to become a top chef. [LA Times]

* In fact, please don’t. [Eater]

* Trash. It’s what’s for dinner. But, only if you think of carrot and cauliflower greens as trash. [The New York Times]

* Is this a sign that Top Chef Just Desserts has gotten a lot cooler? Or, a sign that Ad Rock has gotten less so? Your call. [RollingStone]

* Should your server box up your food? If you’re at a fine-dining restaurant, I sincerely hope so! [Baltimore Sun]

* It’s a matter of tasting menus. Despite hefty price tages, their popularity rages. [WashingtonPost]

* Are you going to San Francisco, Batali, Boulud, Forgione, and White? Probably not. [Inside Scoop SF]

* But Drysdale, Keller, Mina, and Yeo can and will go wherever they’d like. Got it? [Inside Scoop SF]

* Over-the-top dishes are over. [NY Post]

* Except for this $80 hot dog. [Eater]

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