Diners with Food Allergies Put Chefs to the Test; Bartending Behind Closed Doors in Utah; Memphis Wants to Be the New New Orleans; Ozersky on Food Criticism

Memphis will have a tough time besting New Orleans's rep, thanks to the amazing oysters NOLA is known for!

Dining and restaurant news from around the web…

* Chefs developing allergies to diner allergies. When you’re handed a laminated card, is it time to 86 diners who could die by your hand? [InsideScoop SF]

* Hey! You’ve got to hide your booze away. Utah’s liquor laws make it difficult for restaurant operators to tend bar in plain sight. [USA Today]

* Redemption song. Josh Ozersky has some tips as to how The New York Times can redeem food criticism. [TIME]

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Sundance Film Festival 2010: Spotlight on Park City Dining

Close up on an Series of HousesThe 27th Annual Sundance Film Festival starts tomorrow and runs through January 31. In addition to being known for celebrities, skiing, snowboarding, and swag, the Sundance Film Festival attracts independent film fans from around the world. Park City, a tiny resort town in Utah, is normally home to fewer than 10,000 people, but its numbers can swell to almost 55,000 during the festival each year. What this means for diners is that most restaurants are swelling with hungry patrons.

To increase your chances of filling up on good food while you get your fill of indie films, book your reservations today. Popular restaurants include Bistro Toujours, Chez Betty, The Glitretind Restaurant, Goldener Hirsch, Ruth’s Chris, Zoom, and many others.

You can also book on the fly using OpenTable Mobile to make sure you don’t get left out in the cold at Sundance.