The Dinner Party to End All Dinner Parties: Adam Wiscomb Parties at Perbacco

Adam and friends got an early start at Perbacco. Photo courtesy of Jared Amadeo Holstein.

On Saturday night, San Francisco native Adam Wiscomb, the winner of the UrbanDaddy + OpenTable “Dinner Party to End All Dinner Parties” Giveaway, and nine of his friends enjoyed his prize at Perbacco in his hometown. He gives us the all the details on the dinner party, from dishes they picked to the wines they ordered.

Adam, how surprised were you when you won?

I was insanely surprised when I got the email!  I called Cara at UrbanDaddy to be sure it was for real, and she answered the phone, “Hi Adam.” My jaw sort of dropped at that moment.

Have you ever won anything before?

I have not won anything like this ever in my life.

How did you decide upon Perbacco, out of the many restaurants in San Francisco?

I often eat lunch at Barbacco, a few blocks away from my acupuncture practice, and  remembered that the next-door Perbacco is the more elegant and sophisticated of the two. After I saw their wine list and menus online, I didn’t need to look any further.

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