Top Chef Texas Episode 5: Money Can’t Buy Chef Ed Hardy (and a Few Others) Class

"John, before we start, I just want to see a show of hands. Should I stay with the khaki shorts or do I rock some Daisy Dukes?

We return with Top Chef: Texas and Ed Hardy of Red Rooster Harlem as we talk turkey (ha!) about this week’s highly quotable episode.

My best friend Michele has a theory about why this season stinks. It’s because it followed ‘All Stars’ and we just really all knew and kinda loved — or kinda hated — the folks competing. These poor people can’t live up to that. Plus, the challenges are getting stale.

I think it’s the predictability of the entire thing. You already know what’s coming with the challenges and whatnot. After the excitement of the 5,000 chef battle royale, the show settled down. Even the cheftestants look bored. And, where’s the really irritating personality like Marcel?

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