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Fondue or Fon-don’t: Does Melted Cheese Melt Hearts?

We recently announced the winners of the OpenTable Diners’ Choice award for the Top 50 Most Romantic Restaurants. Of the 50, a whopping 12 were Melting Pot restaurants, where fondue anchors the menus. Two other winners, La Fondue and Simply Fondue, are also, as you might have guessed by their names, fondue-friendly eateries. The Chicago […]

Bravo! 50 Best Italian Restaurants in the U.S.

It’s almost impossible to think about dining out without thinking about Italian food. From pasta and brick-oven pizza to authentic regional dishes, the cuisine of Italy has become paramount to America’s palate.  While this Mediterranean country inspires a great deal of gastronomic tourism, you can find some of the most sumptuous and authentic Italian fare […]