50 Finest Restaurants for Foodies

Food and drinkIf you’re a true foodie, you probably enjoy dining out at innovative restaurants where the chefs are on the leading edge of culinary creativity. Now, finding those restaurants is easier than ever. We are pleased to announce the winners of our 2009 Diners’ Choice Awards in the Fit for Foodies category. Derived from more than 3 million reviews submitted by OpenTable diners for nearly 10,000 restaurants in all 50 states and the District of Columbia, this list speaks to diners with a discerning palette seeking adventure and thrills from their food.

Most diners will recognize some of the names on the list (Blue Hill, The French Laundry), but it is rife with sleepers (Dirt Candy, Fore Street, noca, Wink) from all over the country that have been wholeheartedly embraced by local foodies. The states of California and New York made strong showings, but Illinois, with seven winners, is clearly nipping at their heels. Winners can also be found in Georgia, Pennsylvania, Maine and South Carolina, among others.

Find out which restaurants are waiting to impress you and your most finicky, well-fed, foodie friends. Reserve a table today.

Top 50 U.S. Restaurants: Diners’ Choice Winners

We asked, and you answered! OpenTable is pleased to announce the results of our first annual Diner’s Choice awards. Based on the feedback of more than 2 million diners like you, the list includes the top 50 restaurants in the U.S. identified as “Best Overall.”

With winners in 22 states and Washington D.C., the Diners’ Choice awards reflect the rich diversity our diners’ appetites and the vitality of the American dining scene. And, unlike other lists, the results were generated directly from your ratings and reviews – not a panel of experts or an editorial staff.

New York and California aren’t the only states with multiple restaurants on the list.  We were thrilled to see four winners from the state of Texas and three from Ohio. And, the list isn’t just geographically varied; with an array of cuisines, there’s something to satisfy every diner.

Find out if your favorite made the list, and stay tuned as we begin announcing our annual restaurant category winners, such as “Best Brunch,” next month.