Trending on Restaurant Reviews: Radishes

radishThe modest radish has gotten a raise in profile recently, thanks to creative chefs. A root vegetable that dates back thousands of years, the radish hasn’t been highly revered in American cuisine (see Wind, Gone with The) — until now . This speedy growing garden staple is a spicy, crunchy delight and has moved beyond mere garden marker and salad ingredient to stand-alone star of many dishes. One of my first fine dining experiences featured a tray of crudités that included some ruby radishes. I took a bite of one, and realized it was the second hottest thing I’d ever eaten (The first was a spoonful of Chinese mustard that my jokester brothers conned me into eating!). My tongue burned, I winced, and I didn’t touch a radish again for at least a decade. Now, my palate has expanded, and so has our choice of radish; beyond just the ubiquitous red radish, chefs have embraced many heirloom varieties, including black, French breakfast, icicle, and watermelon. In addition to showcasing the fresh flavors of raw radishes, this member of the cabbage family is being served roasted, coated in butter (Hello, NoMad!), grilled, on crostini, and in ice cream! Find out which restaurants have diners raving about radishes in recent reviews.

Aveline, San Francisco, California: “We split two desserts: one, dirt, made with radishes and oat ice cream, was stimulating.”

* Babbo Ristorante, New York, New York: “We had the tasting menu with wine pairings, and everything was delicious. My first roasted radish ever.”

The Bachelor Farmer, Minneapolis, Minnesota: “The food was amazing, even down to the crackers with radishes and salt before the meal.”

Cafe Spiaggia, Chicago, Illinois: “First, the outstanding food: ricotta with radish and asparagus served in a tiny jar with crostini — fabulous; roasted radish salad — great; pasta with garbanzo beans and pancetta, pork chop with polenta — both wonderful.”

Cucina 24, Asheville, North Carolina: “Great apps…..French breakfast radishes in garlic butter!”

Doi Moi, Washington, D.C.:  “The radish cakes were very flavorful and perfectly crispy and hot.”

Farmstead Grill, Baltimore, Maryland: “Chicken with salad — panko-crusted chicken on kale with marvelous dressing; slivered radishes on toast; rosemary multicolored carrots — swoon-worthy vegetables. Many excellent vegan and vegetarian options.”

Flyte World Dining and Wine, Nashville, Tennessee: “I love the idea of ‘farm to table’, but what the chef did with the local produce was unusual and delicious. The charred-radish salad made me rethink radishes.”

Heartland Restaurant and Farm Direct Market, St. Paul, Minnesota: “The amuse bouche was a gorgeous bite of radish chip similar to a taco.”

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Trending on Recent OpenTable Restaurant Reviews: Roast Chicken

Of course, not *everyone* is excited about the increased interest in roasted chicken.

Roast chicken has become a staple of fine-dining menus, as Josh Ozersky has recently pointed out, thanks, in part, to the amazing roasted chickens being served at restaurants from the famous Zuni Cafe in San Francisco to new-ish New York hotspot The NoMad (see below).  Find out what OpenTable diners are saying about this recently elevated — yet always appreciated — dish.

* 4580, Boulder, Colorado: “OMG! What a treat! The food (every last bit from appetizers, salads, and main course) was 5 stars! SO DELICIOUS!!! I had the red flesh trout over pea puree and my husband had the roast chicken with creamy polenta….YUM!!!!!!”

* Balaboosta, New York, New York: “Great meal start to finish. Started with red sangria, carrot and goat cheese pizza, and kataifi-wrapped shrimp. Fantastic. Skirt steak and roast chicken were possibly the best ever.”

* Campanula, San Francisco, California: “The roast chicken is great. They accomodated my special request on reservation for strawberry ice cream sandwiches to celebrate my girlfriend’s birthday. I really appreciated this and will be back for this gesture alone, much less the great chicken and service.”

Farmhouse Tavern, New York, New York: “The food was fantastic. I had the roasted Amish half chicken. The meat was incredibly tender and flavorful, while the potatoes and asparagus were so fresh, you could have told me they were hand picked from a garden in the back of the restaurant.”

Los Gatos Brewing Company, Los Gatos, California: “The roasted chicken is VERY good. Spit roasted over a wood fire, probably brined before. Can’t go wrong.”

Miel at the InterContinental Hotel Boston, Boston Massachusetts: “My fiance ordered the roasted half chicken in mustard sauce — it came in a skillet and was delicate and full of flavor. He asked for the recipe — which they gave.”

Millesime, New York, New York: “Superb! The romance and excellent food as if you were in Paris. The staff was outstanding, and the roasted chicken is so delicious, it’s heartwarming.”

Mon Ami Gabi, Las Vegas, Nevada: “This is a wonderful place to eat. The kids’ menu is really good. Steak was cooked exactly as ordered. Roasted chicken was full of flavor.”

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