Meet The Mother of All Foodies: Congratulations, Sherry O’Neil!

Congratulations to Sherry O'Neil, The Mother of All Foodies!

As we prepare to celebrate Mother’s Day, we’d like to introduce you to Sherry O’Neil, an IT audit manager from Dallas, Texas, who won OpenTable’s The Mother of All Foodies Giveaway — and a whopping 100,000 OpenTable Dining Rewards Points! An IT audit manager by day and a foodie photographer by night (and, probably day, too, if you consider breakfast and lunch!), Sherry talked to us about her win and her passion for food and dining.

Sherry, congratulations on winning the title of The Mother of All Foodies. What prompted you to enter, and how does it feel to win?

I saw a post about this contest on a friend’s Facebook wall, and when I started reading the questions (“Does going out mean dining out? Do you tweet what you eat? Do you have a taste for tasting menus?”), I knew that this contest was made for me!  After taking pictures of my food for 11 years, it feels awesome to finally have it pay off!!!

Eleven years of documenting food is impressive (and way ahead of the curve, girl!). How long have you been a foodie?

I have always loved food, but I probably became a serious foodie once I was out of college and started traveling for work and dining at nice restaurants on the company’s dime in the U.S. and abroad.

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