The Next Iron Chef Episode 3: In a Pickle with Chef Marc Forgione

Living to battle another week in Kitchen Stadium, chef Marc Forgione returns to dish on fish and fishing, hot cherry peppers, and resourcefulness, on season three of The Next Iron Chef.

Resourcefulness is the name of the game this week. "I decided to use as many of the pickles I was given in as many ways as I could."

You have your notebook with you all the time during the challenges. Can you talk about your planning process a little bit for these incredibly brief (in terms of time) challenges?

At least for me, my notebook was not recipes. It was more for ideas and ingredient  lists, so that, in the chaos, I could look at my notes and remember, ‘I need carrots.’ Food Network actually has a great feature where you can view the notebook of the contestant that was voted off.

At your restaurant, you make your own pickles. What’s your favorite kind of pickled item?

Right now at my restaurant, we are doing pickled Red Jacket Orchard apples, with braised almonds and candied bacon, in a duck dish. Pickling fruits is a new thing for me — we started pickling peaches and watermelons over the summer. I am quickly falling in love with these new flavors.

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