Chefs Get Inked; Power of Yelp; 2012 Food Trends; Puffer Fish Lives up to Its Fearsome Reputation; Dining with Allergies; Cheese May Please Your Heart

Rather than who would eat the puffer fish, I'm more interested in the poor souls that have to *catch* the puffer fish.

Dining and restaurant news…

* Tattoo sous. Chefs love getting inked. Must be something to do with all those knives. [Washington Post]

* Yelp! I need somebody. But not just anybody. Restaurants may need happy Yelpers to survive. [Business Insider]

* Without a Trace. The Austin food scene wouldn’t be the same without Chef Paul Hargrove and Trace Restaurant. [Eater]

* Back to the future. The Epi-Log predicts a bunch of trends for the new year. To be taken with one grain of salt. [Epicurious]

* Cheese, please. It turns out it could be good for your ticker. This is great news to me, as I consider cheese to be its own food group. Pass the parm! [The Atlantic]

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