Dining Poll: How Often Do You Order Specialty Cocktails When Dining Out?

I have ordered and enjoyed exactly two ‘specialty’ cocktails in my life. One was a ginger-lychee martini at The Hurricane Club in New York (I was trying to be festive!), and the other was a Corpse Reviver No. 2 at Swizzle Stick in New Orleans (because when Lu Brow is behind the bar, you will gladly follow her lead). The rest of the time, I have remained faithful to the basic bone-dry martini, much to the chagrin of the hundreds — or is it thousands? — of well-meaning mixologists who have waited on me. When you’re dining out, do you turn to the specialty cocktails list for a recommendation, even on occasion, or do you stick to the tried and true? Weigh in on today’s poll!