Late Night Favorites: Chef Adam Lambert on Bar Cento’s Sunnyside Pizza

It's easy to see why diners get egg-cited about Bar Cento's Sunnyside Pizza.

We’re celebrating the release of the 2011 Diners’ Choice Awards for best late night restaurants by looking at a few of the dishes that diners find extra delish after hours. Next up, is Chef Adam Lambert’s Sunnyside Pizza at Bar Cento in Cleveland. He tells us about his creation, including an explanation for why it’s so popular.

The dish: Sunnyside Pizza

The inspiration: “Eggs with bacon is one of those classic combinations that everybody loves. So, when the idea of a breakfast pizza came about, it was the only logical way to go. We put our Bar Cento spin on it, substituting pancetta for bacon, and adding lots of black pepper and provolone cheese. We also source all of the eggs for the Sunnyside Pizza from local farms. Since the Sunnyside Pizza was awarded the title of  “Best Pizza in Ohio” by Food Network, we have been using a lot more eggs, and we want thank all of our guests for helping us support our local egg farmers!”

The explanation: “It is the perfect breakfast, lunch, and dinner pizza. Our customers love this pizza and can be heard ordering it by a multitude of different names (egg pizza, breakfast pizza, sunshine pizza, that one with eggs on it pizza, the F$*&^#%^ pizza). Guests that sit at the chef’s table get a close view of the pizza station and always look perplexed at the sight of us cracking eggs onto a pizza. But, the late night crowd sure seems to enjoy it (and our duck fat fried pomme frites).”

Curious diners take note: “The sunnyside pizza is available from open to close, 364 days a year. Feel free to come in and inquire about the one day a year we do not sell it.”

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