Charlie Trotter to Take a Bow; Chefs Wanted for Great Alaska Seafood Cook Off; St. Louis as Gourmet Gateway; How to Speak to a Sommelier; Michael Symon Expands

Thinking of Alaskan seafood makes me think of the amazing King Crab legs I ate at Marx Brothers in Anchorage.

Dining and restaurant news…

* How do you talk to a sommelier? It’s actually nothing like talking to an angel. [Serious Eats]

* Déjà vu all over again. Buzzwords for the year ahead sound a lot like the buzzwords for the year past. [NPR]

* I can’t wait for Charlie Trotter’s return. Only so I can write the headline ‘Welcome Back, Trotter.’ Until then, join us as we mourn the impending shuttering of his restaurant and celebrate his influence on the dining world. [Chicago Sun-Times]

* Michael Symon says. He’s opening another restaurant. []

* Meet me in St. Louis. Meet me for the fare. The Washington Post’s Tom Sietsema says this town is a must-eat for foodies. It’s also the Gateway to the West, which is a pretty cool moniker, if you ask me. [Columbia Daily Tribune]

* Mush! The 2012 Great Alaska Seafood Cook Off is seeking chef-competitors. Apply through April 1, 2012. [Alaska Dispatch]

* Your moment of zen. Who couldn’t go for a Star Wars fun meal right about now? [Retroist]


Restaurateur Bans Kids Under Six; Bad Dining Companions; Restaurants and the Norm Factor; Star Wars Veggies; In-N-Out on the Menu at The French Laundry

"Wait, what?!"

News about food, restaurants, and more…

* A restaurateur in Monroeville, Pennsylvania, has banned children under the age of six from his establishment. If this restaurant were in Park Slope, Brooklyn, there’d be a bounty on his head by now. [WTAE]

* Hanna Raskin writes that Mark Bittman is wrong about restaurants, citing, among other things, the Norm factor. [Seattle Weekly]

* How do Thomas Keller and his staff celebrate 17 years of business at The French Laundry? With In-N-Out burgers, of course. [Eater]

* Do you want your kids to eat more veggies? Take them to this sushi restaurant, where vegetables are served shaped like Star Wars characters. [That’s Nerdalicious!]

* Save our environment by eating invasive fish. [NPR]

* Dine like a local when you’re in Europe. [JustLuxe]

* Restaurants are good, but movies made about them usually are not. [Financial Times]

* Forget bad service. Bad dining companions can ruin any meal. Here’s five to avoid. [Houston Press]

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