Star Wars Menus: #TheForceAwakens with 8 Star Wars Dishes + Drinks

Star Wars Menus

There’s a disturbance in the Force. In case you haven’t been close to a screen, browsed the Internet, walked the aisles of your grocery store, or talked to anyone, there’s a new Star Wars film coming out today. The Force Awakens picks up more than three decades after The Return of the Jedi left off. There’s a lot of speculation as to what will happen in the seventh installment in the saga, but one thing is for certain: it’s going to be a massive box office smash. Its release has spurred a number of culinary Jedi to find inspiration from the iconic trilogy. (Let’s just pretend the prequels never happened.) and create Star Wars menus for fans of the force.

Faith & Flower, Los Angeles, California
Like a tractor beam pulling you in, you won’t be able to resist this Star Wars themed off-menu mignardise board by pastry chef Josh Graves. Feel the Force awaken in you while savoring a chocolate Millennium Falcon, white chocolate Stormtrooper, a caramel-filled dark chocolate Darth Vader, an absinthe candy lightsaber, a Death Star bonbon, and a Han Solo frozen in carbonite, erm, dark chocolate. Thankfully, he decided not to include a Jabba the Hutt gummy.

Star Wars Menus

The Lot, San Diego, California
The Lord of the Sith inspired pastry chef Alejandra Pitashny to create this Dark Side Chocolate Cake layered with raspberries and blackberries. Only at the end of eating it do you realize the power of the Dark Side. Which means you might have to order another slice. Consider it part of your training to become a Sith lord.

Star Wars Menus

Restaurant Eve, Alexandria, Virginia
Think you geek out about Star Wars? You’ve got nothing on chef Cathal Armstrong, who binge watches the saga with his son over Christmas break every year. To celebrate the release of The Force Awakens, he is serving Aunt Beru’s Fennel Soup as an amuse bouche through December. When A New Hope was being filmed in 1976 in Tunisia, the prop masters were tasked with coming up with a soup that Luke’s aunt would make on Tatooine. Fennel was relatively unknown in the States at that time, so it was chosen as a vegetable that could conceivably be utilized in a galaxy far, far away.

Star Wars Menus

Little Goat Bakery, Chicago, Illinois
Stephanie Izard offers Wookie Pies, which take their name from Han Solo’s bowcaster-toting compadre Chewbacca. Or, as Princess Leia calls him, a “big walking carpet.” The pies are formed by sandwiching a pair of chocolate cakes sandwich around a generous slather of chocolate cream. Since Chewie is known for getting in trouble for always thinking with his stomach, we’re certain he’d love them.

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