Tweet of the Week: A Special Request for a Special Second Anniversary Celebration

Diner Michael Pellet recently celebrated his second anniversary with his wife at Washington, D.C.’s 701 Restaurant. When booking through OpenTable, he indicated exactly that in the Special Request for the Maitre D. The wonderful hospitality pros at 701 took note and presented the couple with some Champagne. (Insert a collective “AWWW!” here.) Happy anniversary to the Pellets. And, kudos to the staff at 701 for making their celebration all the more special with this generous gesture.


Tweet of the Week: Special Request Makes a Birthday Dinner Special on the Sly

OpenTable diner Alex Kuczynski (No, not that one!) recently helped her lovely mother celebrate a birthday at Nota Bene restaurant in Toronto. The wonderful waitstaff there noted Alex’s Special Request for the Maitre D and made mom’s special day a bit more special. PS: Alex, please wish her a happy belated birthday from everyone at OpenTable!


Tweet of the Week: Practicing the Paleo Diet with OpenTable

I really adore our Special Requests for the Maitre D option when booking reservations. It’s great for helping a restaurant anticipate diners’ needs ahead of time. Tweeter and Paleo dieter @cave_grrl (aka Kristy DeVaney) likes it, too, using the feature to let restaurants know that she’ll be avoiding gluten and sugar — and that begins with passing on the bread basket. PS: Kristy, can you tell them to send your bread to my table? 😉