Dining Poll: Is Bacon in a Dish Well Done or Overdone?

Bacon is the so-called trend that always waxes and never seems to wane. What started out as a revived appreciation has yielded a cornucopia of culinary offerings ranging from the whimsical (Bacon ice cream!) to the weird (Bacon vodka! Ed. note: Ewww!). And, the weirder: Days ago, a restaurant unveiled its all-bacon burger. But, is bacon getting too big for its britches? A backlash may be building if this Eater interview with Southern chef and eschewer of bacon John Currence is any indication. Currence notes, “Everybody went bananas for bacon. It was an easy thing. If you were cooking and didn’t have any sort of real ability at all but wanted to illustrate something through the Southern lens, you’d throw bacon at it, no matter what.”

What’s your position on bacon? Mainstay or culinary crutch? Weigh in on today’s poll!

Southern Discomfort: Chef Ed Cotton Recaps Top Chef All Stars Episode 11

"Ha! No, really. There *is* a can of cream of chicken soup in all my recipes."

Stepping away from his kitchen at Manhattan’s Plein Sud restaurant, Executive Chef Ed Cotton, a season 7 Top Chef finalist, sheds some light on the action during last night’s episode of Top Chef All Stars.

I saw your Facebook photo of the cassoulet from Plein Sud a few days ago. Love this! I make a Castelnaudary-style cassoulet every year. What’s your favorite type?

I’m very traditional when it comes to Cassoulet. I make my own garlic sausage, cure my own duck legs and pork belly to make the confit, and braise a leg of lamb. The beans have to be Tarbais beans — nothing else.  Stop by Plein Sud, before it gets warm and our menu changes for the spring season.

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