Dining Poll: Should Drinking Water Be a Question or a Custom at Restaurants?

There’s been much hullabaloo and ballyhoo around drinking water at restaurants. Some restaurants will pour you a glass regardless of whether you request — or want — one or not. Others don’t serve water unless a patron asks. So, we’re asking: What’s your preference when dining out? Weigh in below!   Should wait staffers automatically [...]

Dining in Denver: Not-To-Be-Missed Restaurants in Colorado’s Capital

Denver Post dining critic Tucker Shaw recently compiled a list of restaurants that “define Denver’s culinary momentum.” The criteria for earning a spot on the list were quite lofty.  Cost, food, hospitality, service, and the space itself mattered, but the overarching question Shaw asked himself was, “Did my experience at this restaurant enrich my life?” [...]

Bad Service at a Restaurant: What Would You Do?

This past weekend, I dined out a restaurant (one not on the OpenTable network, and, on behalf of my fellow diners, I am glad for that) and experienced really poor service. I’ve waited tables at many restaurants. Because of that, I am always apt to cut servers a lot of slack. It is a difficult [...]

Dining Out on Valentine’s Day Is Twice as Nice in 2010, Survey Says

OpenTable diners are enjoying twice as many dining options for Valentine’s Day this year, thanks to February 14 falling on a Sunday. According to a recent online survey of nearly 1,000 diners, just as many people are choosing to eat out on Saturday, February 13, in honor of Valentine’s Day as are dining out on [...]