The Fallacy of Food Faux Pas, or Why Restaurants Really Want You to Have It Your Way

I love the folks over at Thrillist, but this week they published a list of seven food faux pas that makes my blood positively boil. Their round up of seven deadly culinary sins includes so-called dictums like, “Don’t order a steak well-done, anywhere.” Or, don’t ever put ketchup on a hot dog in Chicago. WHAT?! […]

Therapy for Peanut Allergies; Baby-Chef Names; PC as Personal Chef + More

Food and dining news from around the web and the world… * This sounds nutty. A new supervised therapy could help increase peanut-allergy sufferers’ tolerance to this groundnut. [Village Voice] * Chef Hal 9000 at your service. In a few years, a computer could be your personal chef. [] * Win at wining and dining. Tips to […]

A Look at the English + Vongerichten Empires; Food Trucks Beget Restaurants; Kids and Restaurants; Picky Eaters Cooper + Seinfeld on Pancakes vs. Waffles

Dining and restaurant news… * Pair of kings. A look at the culinary empires of Todd English and Jean-Georges Vongerichten. [HuffPost] * Keep on truckin’. Or not, if you wind up with your own brick and mortar restaurant. [Chicago Business] * When Jerry met Anderson. Picky eaters Anderson Cooper and Jerry Seinfeld complain about food. […]