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Trash on the Tasting Menu; $2K Dish of Pasta; Deceptive Calorie Counts + More

Food and dining news from around the web and the world… * One man’s trash is another man’s tasting menu. Ingredients that would have wound up on the compost heap are being heaped onto diners’ plates. [Washington Post] * A pasta dish that’s seriously rich. And at $2,000 a plate, it ought to be. [NYPost] […]

What Restaurants Get Right; Mislabeled Fish; Perks of Dining Alone; Reservations About Mobile Phones; Top Chef Spoilers; What to Eat During a Zombie Attack

Dining and restaurant news… * From the ‘Good News’ files. Here are 10 things that restaurants do right. [] * Butter or Parkay? A law in Dairyland prevents restaurants from serving margarine instead of butter. For the record, I’m pretty sure butter is better. [Star Tribune] * You say escolar, I say albacore. The fish […]

Restaurants 86 Filament Bulbs, Special Requests; Beirut’s the New Vegas; More

Recent trends and tips from the restaurant world… * Some folks have had their fill of filament lights in restaurants. [The New York Times] * The age of celebrity-chef worship continues… [Time] * …which may explain why they’re turning down your special requests. [NY Post] * Shark has jumped the shark in Hawaii. [Associated Press] […]