Trending on OpenTable Restaurant Reviews: Smoked Trout

Smoked trout has fast become one of my favorite things to find on a menu, perhaps because it seems to pair perfectly with a martini. And, also, because it’s downright delicious. Turns out, I’m not alone. While most of what we diners enjoy at restaurants are smoked in-house, the recent $4.5 million expansion of fish […]

Trending on Recent OpenTable Restaurant Reviews: Grilled Romaine

I often think the world is divided into two groups: those who love salads and those who do not. I am squarely in the former and my husband is, unfortunately, in the latter. He’ll eat salads, but, more often than not, it is begrudgingly. Not so when we were at South Edison in Montauk, New […]

Trending on Recent OpenTable Restaurant Reviews: Kale

Kale is a superfood, containing more anti-oxidants than Popeye’s beloved spinach. Once regarded as the food of health-nuts and old folks (at least by me, thanks to my Ukrainian grandmother’s ever-simmering, stinky pot of boiled kale), this member of the cabbage family is now revered by contemporary chefs for its diversity in texture and flavor […]

Trending on Recent OpenTable Restaurant Reviews: Cucumbers

As temperatures have soared around North America this summer, diners have sought relief in cool summer cocktails and fare. A favorite ingredient of chefs and foodies alike are cucumbers. Fragrant, crunchy, and easily paired with sweet and savory ingredients, cucumbers can be found in dozens of varieties, from the popular Marketmore 76 and Lemon Yellow, […]