Russian Tea Room

Russian Tea Room Featuring Private Tours During Restaurant Week

As if New York City Restaurant Week Winter 2010‘s terrific prices aren’t incentive enough to dine out at many of Manhattan’s classic restaurants, the fabled Russian Tea Room is offering up guided tours of the restaurant’s restored-yet-infrequently-viewed upper floors. Normally open only for private events, the 30-minute tour will highlight the lavish (and oftentimes unusual) [...]

New Year’s Eve in New York City: Decadence at the End of the Decade

December 31, 2009 isn’t just the last day of the year, it’s the last day of the decade — so, you “aught” to celebrate in style! If you find yourself flush with a bit of extra cash after the gift-giving holidays have passed, you can ring in the new year (and decade) in a number [...]