Pop-Up Restaurants Hit a Peak; Tasting Menu Discourse Courses on + More News

Taking a Roman holiday? Dining etiquette tips, a Vespa, and someone as dashing as Gregory Peck are definitely in order to make the most of your trip.

Food and dining news from around the web and the world…

* Fill a prescription and fill up on food? Drugstores are getting into the dining game. [SF Gate]

* Destination dining hits a peak atop Mount Kilimanjaro. Literally. [Toledo Blade]

* Hotel dining moves far beyond room service and stodgy menus. Find out how they’re catering to today’s travelers. [USA Today]

* When in Rome: Dining etiquette in Italy. [The Telegraph]

* This is the coolest menu in the world. Design-wise, at least. [Eater]

* Hungry for more discourse on courses? The tasting menu backlash continues. [Reuters]

* Don’t skip out on your check in India. Ever. [The Raw Story]

* Top chefs aren’t the only ones who find success in restaurants. Get some career advice from a top server at Manny’s Steakhouse in Minneapolis. [Star Tribune]

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Forest Dining Is In; Gawker Wants Your Kitchen Nightmares; Best Restaurants in Rome; Most ‘Offal’ Ingredients Ever; Seventies Food Was Better(!)

"We've been forest dining long before it was trendy. You know, back when folks just called it camping."

* Reality bites. Gawker wants your true-life kitchen nightmare stories. [Gawker]

* Into the woods. Forest dining is the next big thing. If you live near a forest, that is. If not, the next big thing will probably be something else. [Metro]

* Rome if you want to. These are the 10 best restaurants in Rome, according to Diane Seed. [The Guardian]

* From the “Strike that. Reverse it.” files: Delia Smith says food in the U.K. was better in the 1970s. I can only assume she’s kidding. Or that she hasn’t eaten since the seventies? [Daily Mail]

* Truth in headlines: The world’s weirdest restaurants really are weird. [NY Daily News]

* Is it a sign that food writers are running out of content if they’re writing stories about chefs’ wives? Perhaps, but since this story’s wife is Liz Symon, a partner in hubby Michael’s ventures, I’ll let it slide. [GourmetLive]

* Pig’s lung, sow’s udder, and whale’s liver, oh my! Yep, this is the most offal cookbook ever. [Daily Mail]

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‘Eat Pray Love’ Food Stylist Susan Spungen Talks to OpenTable

The eagerly anticipated film Eat Pray Love starring Julia Roberts arrives in theaters on Friday, August 13, 2010. Based on Elizabeth Gilbert’s memoir of the same title, Eat Pray Love found an audience in foodies, many of whom are looking forward to seeing Ms. Roberts follow in Gilbert’s yummy “foodsteps” throughout Italy. The film’s food stylist, Susan Spungen, shared some of her experiences working on location, as well as a few of her favorite foodie things. A food editor and editorial director for Martha Stewart Living magazine for 12 years, Spungen’s mouthwatering work has also been featured in Julie and Julia and It’s Complicated. Watch our exclusive video interview and tune in tomorrow to find out how you can win dinner and tickets to Eat Pray Love for four.

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