Introducing OpenTable Guest Center

Personalized hospitality is now beautifully simple with Guest Center. Guest Center seamlessly merges the leading restaurant reservation network with complete front-of-house management tools. In the video below, Matt Roberts, CEO, Joseph Essas, CTO, and Jon Morin, Product Lead, deliver the thinking, design and demo of the new, cloud-based, hospitality solution by OpenTable. To experience Guest Center, a solution [...]

Tweet of the Week: Restaurants Reach More Diners with Holiday + Seasonal Promotions

Believe it or not, the holiday season is almost here. We’ve got Thanksgiving in Canada on Monday. And, Thanksgiving comes to the states on November 28– as does Hannukah (a convergence being called Thanksgivukkah, according to The Wall Street Journal), followed by all of the fun of Christmas and New Year’s Eve. If you’re a planner like I [...]

Dining Poll: Is There an Ideal Age for Kids to Start Dining Out with Mom and Dad?

Whenever we ask about kids and restaurants, we get varying (and passionate!) opinions. So, we’re asking about them again. Should children begin going to restaurants as soon as their parents can tote them in a comfy baby carrier? Are toddlers too young — or just right? Does kindergarten help kids sit through a long meal? [...]

Why Great Restaurants Still Struggle

A lot of people, in and out of the food industry, dream of opening their own restaurants one day. It’s an incredibly difficult pursuit, one that requires a deep passion for food and an array of skills almost no other profession does. Successful restaurant owners must have superb people skills to manage the people who [...]

Restaurant Lighting: How Low Should It Go?

There’s nothing worse than a restaurant with extremely bright lighting — except for a restaurant with lighting so low that diners can neither read their menus nor see what’s on their plates. San Francisco Chronicle restaurant reviewer Michael Bauer addresses this very complaint on his blog and fields a clever suggestion from a frustrated reader [...]

Reserve a Table at One of the San Francisco Chronicle’s Top 100 Bay Area Restaurants

San Francisco Chronicle restaurant critic Michael Bauer has released his annual list of top restaurants in the Bay Area. Nearly a fifth of the listings are new as are the trends at many of the restaurants, such as artisan cocktails, communal tables, and pizza. Also worth noting is the emergence of Oakland as a culinary [...]