On Our Plate: 100 Hottest Restaurants in the U.S.; Ramps Are Here; Austin Restaurant Week; Where Mad Men’s Don Draper Should Dine in Season 5

Happenings on and around OpenTable… * We’re celebrating the 2012 Diners’ Choice Awards for Top 100 Hot Spot Restaurants. How many hot spots have you dined at? * Where will Don Draper dine during Mad Men’s fifth season? We take ten guesses. * This week’s restaurant review trend? Ramps! * Do you view the menu before dining at a [...]

Top Chef D.C. Episode 10: Not-So-Brilliant Disguise

My DVR didn’t need to work this week as I was watching live. No Memorex for me, baby. Future (C’mon, Bravo!) cheftestant Ed Hardy and I were IMing throughout. And, just like last week, we’re sharing our convo about everyone’s fave cooking contest. Hey, Ed…first thoughts at beginning of this episode…is Alex going down? And, [...]