Essential Utensils for Your Domesticated Dining Partner

essential-dining-utensilsYou can ensure a smooth al fresco dining experience for you and your pet if you’ve got the right gear in tow. Check out these five must-haves for your restaurant-loving pet.

1.    The Popware Travel Dog Bowl: This 1-cup+ travel disc pops up to provide your animal companion with its own drinking bowl. It easily clips onto a leash, belt buckle, or knapsack and comes in pink or blue.

2.    REI Adventure Dog Pack: Going out for the tasting menu? Make sure your dog is prepared for the long haul with this practical pack. She can carry her own bottled water, treats, and toys – and perhaps even a doggie bag on the way home.

3.    Florence Bella Bag: Dog owners never know when nature will call, but no one wants to carry plastic baggies into a fine-dining establishment’s outdoor seating area. The Florence Bella Bag is designed for pet-owners (and diners) who are interested in fashion and discretion.

4.    Buddy Belts Dog Harness: No matter how well behaved your dog (or other pet) is, most restaurants will ask that you keep him leashed during your meal. Instead of tugging at its neck all night, set your pet up in a Buddy Belts dog harness designed for style and comfort.

5.    Hang Loose Hawaiian Cooling Top: Even though it’s fall, dogs can still overheat easily if they’re seated in the strong sun for too long. Help your pet remain cool with this cute shirt that holds a 65-degree temperature for three days after being dipped in water.