Dining with Strangers via Social Media; Advice from a Restaurant Host + More

Food and dining news from around the web and the world… * Don’t talk to strangers. Dine with them instead. [The National] * Please don’t seat yourself. And other niceties restaurant hosts wish you would observe when dining out. [] * Californians, look away! It’s Restaurant August‘s foie gras three ways. [] * What happens when hot dogs meet […]

Counting Courses; Restaurants Fight the Flu; Great Wine by the Glass + More

Food and dining news from around the web and the world… * Waste not, want not. That saying has been around for a really long time, and yet half the world’s food supply goes to waste. Join me in a collective “Ugh!” [Los Angeles Times] * By the numbers. The so-called tyranny of tasting menus […]

Late Night Favorites: Chef Adam Lambert on Bar Cento’s Sunnyside Pizza

We’re celebrating the release of the 2011 Diners’ Choice Awards for best late night restaurants by looking at a few of the dishes that diners find extra delish after hours. Next up, is Chef Adam Lambert’s Sunnyside Pizza at Bar Cento in Cleveland. He tells us about his creation, including an explanation for why it’s so popular. […]

Best Pizza in Every State; The New Best Restaurant; Deep Sea Dining; Kid-Free Dining Rooms; Food Raves; Restaurants to Rate Diners, Tell Us How Much to Tip?

* Food raves to replace music raves. Except in Ibiza, I’m sure. [The Telegraph] * The tipping point. Couldn’t restaurants just tell us what it is? [Freakonomics] * Are these the best slices of pizza in every state? The debate starts now. [Food Network Magazine] * Kitchen grow rooms are the new gardens. And, Australian […]

‘Eat Pray Love’ Food Stylist Susan Spungen Talks to OpenTable

The eagerly anticipated film Eat Pray Love starring Julia Roberts arrives in theaters on Friday, August 13, 2010. Based on Elizabeth Gilbert’s memoir of the same title, Eat Pray Love found an audience in foodies, many of whom are looking forward to seeing Ms. Roberts follow in Gilbert’s yummy “foodsteps” throughout Italy. The film’s food […]