10 Things You Need to Know About Top Chef Seattle Episode 5

A pensive Josh wonders why he isn’t wearing a yellow apron like his bestie Stefan.

The judges made good on their preview threat of sending two cheftestants home after an astonishingly lame showing during the Elimination Challenge. Also, sadly, no one took home $10K, not even Bart and Sheldon for their clever salad.

1. Producers: If you’re going to do a breakfast-on-a-stick challenge, or an anything-on-a-stick challenge, you must have Matt Armendariz as a guest judge. He wrote the book on food on a stick. Literally.

2. Eliza got engaged at Pike Place Market.

3. The word artisan is grossly misused in this episode. No offense, rose-water-jelly-makers.

4. The men are more back-biting and intolerant of one another this year than in seasons past. Josh, in partick, is extra grumpy with his fellow XYs, but the women, while not always simpatico, seem to choose and use their words far more carefully. Continue Reading