Trending on Recent OpenTable Restaurant Reviews: Pickles

These homegrown serrano peppers are pickled in a sherry vinegar brine and go great with roasted meats. And, also, pretty much everything else.

If you watch the wonderful Portlandia (“We can pickle that!”), you already know that you can pickle just about anything! And restaurants do, too. Pickled produce, seafood, and more are being served as appetizers, complements to primary ingredients, or as their own dishes. Just yesterday, I had amazing pickled oysters at America Eats in Washington, D.C. And, the day prior, some colleagues and I enjoyed a delish appetizers of seasonal pickles (rhubarb, green beans, asparagus) at District Kitchen. Find out what other restaurants are brining for diners!

Aubergine at L’Auberge Carmel, Carmel, California: “Watermelon/pickled rind and chilled shellfish, fantastic and refreshing.”

Bar Tartine, San Francisco, California: ” I had the chilled cucumber and buttermilk soup, the kale and goat cheese on rye bread, and an assortment of pickles. This dinner really was a unique eating experience.”

Big Jones, Chicago, Illinois: “The use of ingredients and flavors were wonderful. The pickle platter is a must-try!!”

Campanile, Los Angeles, California: “The summer vegetable pickles were a perfect appetizer paired with the duck pâté, which was amazing.”

Carolina’s Restaurant, Charleston, South Carolina: “Salads are exceptional, featuring unusual items such as pickled blueberries, fig morsels, pistachio nuts, and bacon cubes.”

* District Kitchen, Washington, D.C.: “Odd small plates were the best — smoked bluefish, pickles, and, especially, the squash blossoms.” [Ed. note: See what I mean about the pickles here?]

Gilt Club, Portland, Oregon: “Had one of the best meals I have had all year when passing through Portland. The snails on a log were delicious paired with the pickled vegetables.”

* Il Buco Alimentari & Vineria, New York, New York: “The food was expertly prepared and plated. The flavors were authentic Sicilian with subtle twists. Pickled kumquats with the octopus was an unexpected and fantastic pairing.”

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Trending on Recent OpenTable Restaurant Reviews: Rhubarb

Because it is perennial and very drought resistant, rhubarb is a reliable favorite of farmers and chefs alike!

Rhubarb is on the rise in my garden — and at OpenTable restaurants. A springtime favorite, rhubarb is as diverse as it is delicious, finding its way into pies, pickles, and preserves. Two facts about rhubarb that intrigue me: Its stems are edible, though its leaves are poisonous (!), and the word rhubarb is slang for argument, something I learned from the great Charles M. Schulz in his Peanuts strip. We hope you find some of this seasonal ingredient on your plate soon!

Accanto, Portland, Oregon: “We always enjoy Accanto. The food is great, but the way they handle the small details surprises and delights us — a few rhubarb pickles with the pate. Rhubarb? Yes.”

* Bishop’s, Vancouver, British Columbia: ” A delicious showcase of regional delights. We were thoroughly impressed. The complimentary candied rhubarb gelee was a perfect way to end our meal since we were too full to order dessert.”

*  The Dorrance, Providence, Rhode Island: “The vegetables that came with the meal were unique and tasty (tiny lovely beets, rhubarb, unusual greens).”

Garces Trading Company, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: “The food is absolutely outstanding! Try the poached rhubarb on the weekend brunch menu — a unique treat you won’t find anywhere else. Cannot recommend the food enough!”

Girl & the Goat, Chicago, Illinois: “We shared duck, rhubarb bread (bread made with duck fat and side of duck fat andrhubarb preserves), oysters roasted with bacon, cauliflower sprinkled with spices, pine nuts, and mint, diver scallops with duck confit (and green apple, I think). All were excellent but, the best (TG&TG specialty) was the pig face.”

Girl & the Goat, Chicago, Illinois: “Our rhubarb dessert was a perfect end to the best dining experience imaginable.”

* Icehouse, Minneapolis, Minnesota: “The other really notable thing about this restaurant was the dessert menu, which is usually forgotten or an afterthought at most new ‘foodie’ restaurants. But here, it’s just as interesting as the food menu, with items like buttermilk and cardamom pie and rhubarb and pink peppercorn sundaes (Both were fantastic by the way!). I would highly recommend this place!”

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