Best Fried Chicken; Dining Out with Food Allergies; Mobile Phone Etiquette in Restaurants; Ways to Reduce Your Tab; Cooking Grease as Commodity

Even though there was too much pepper on his paprikash, Harry Burns told the waiter that he would be proud to partake of his pecan pie.

Dining and food news…

* Nothing to sneeze at. Food allergies can make dining out pretty perilous. [Washington Post]

* Cluck thru. For a slideshow of the best fried chicken in the U.S. [Food and Wine]

* Table for 20? Dining out on Thanksgiving is in. [Sacramento Bee]

* E.T. phone home. But not if you’re dining out, mmm-kay? [Chow]

* Have your cake and it eat, too. Tips on dining out for less. [A News Cafe]

* The waiting is the hardest part. Restaurant owners are over the recession. [Sacramento Bee]

* You’re doing it wrong. Being a good restaurant patron, that is. A seasoned waitress sets diners straight. []

* From the front lines. The trials and travails of a restaurant professional over the course of her career. []

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