Southern Discomfort: Chef Ed Cotton Recaps Top Chef All Stars Episode 11

"Ha! No, really. There *is* a can of cream of chicken soup in all my recipes."

Stepping away from his kitchen at Manhattan’s Plein Sud restaurant, Executive Chef Ed Cotton, a season 7 Top Chef finalist, sheds some light on the action during last night’s episode of Top Chef All Stars.

I saw your Facebook photo of the cassoulet from Plein Sud a few days ago. Love this! I make a Castelnaudary-style cassoulet every year. What’s your favorite type?

I’m very traditional when it comes to Cassoulet. I make my own garlic sausage, cure my own duck legs and pork belly to make the confit, and braise a leg of lamb. The beans have to be Tarbais beans — nothing else.  Stop by Plein Sud, before it gets warm and our menu changes for the spring season.

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