Tweet of the Week: Clicks, Not Calls

At OpenTable, we’re all about clicking to find a restaurant reservation — not calling. It’s been that way since we started out in 1998. However, even though we’ve been around for nearly 15 years, there are still some folks who haven’t yet experienced the phone-free ease of reserving with OpenTable. Like @KallieM‘s parentals, for instance. We hope you were able to explain our service to your parents over dinner, Kallie.


Dining Poll: Who Pays When You Visit a Restaurant With Your Parents?

Dining out is often a family affair. It’s better than getting together for a home-cooked meal in many ways, from the fact that most chefs are better cooks than you are to the benefit of completely avoiding dirty dishes. But when you’re dining out with your parents, who usually picks up the check? Do the parentals push your hand away and scoop up the check? Or do you prefer to step up and treat your folks? Weigh in on today’s dining poll!

Dining Poll: What Do You Do When a Crying Child Threatens to Ruin Your Meal?

It’s happened to almost all of us. You’ve settled in at a restaurant to enjoy a nice meal and some quality conversation with a friend or loved one. And then a child cries. And cries. And keeps on crying. What do you do when the tears keep flowing — and the parents exhibit no signs of going? Weigh in on today’s poll!