Dining Poll: Are Kids’ Menus Always Used by Children?

My parents like to tell me how difficult I was at restaurants when I was as a child. Did I scream? Run around the restaurant like a bull in a china shop? No and no. I was deemed difficult because, as soon as I was able to read, any time we dined out, I absolutely refused to order off the kids’ menu. It felt undignified to me. I didn’t want a hot dog with fries or a hamburger! I wanted what everyone else was having — and then some. Lobster! King Crab legs! Filet mignon! Does your child have gourmet tastes when you dine out or is s/he happiest with the 12-and-under menu? Weigh in on today’s dining poll!

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Dining Poll: What Do You Do When a Friend Has an Expensive Appetite?

It’s happened to all of us at one point or another: You dine out with a group of friends and, while most choose modestly priced menu items, someone goes for the surf and turf with a side of foie gras. What’s a diner to do? Weigh in below!

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