Dining Poll: Would You Like Some Music with Your Meal?

One of diners’ most frequent complaints about a restaurant is that it’s noisy. But, what about when restaurants pipe in music? Is that noise? Do great tunes complement great food? Or, is anything over a certain decibel level annoying? Chime in on our latest dining poll!

Dining Dilemmas: Meeting the Chef, Ordering for Your Date, and the Art of Noise

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Noisy Restaurants Prove Unappetizing for Some Diners

Noisy-restaurantsSan Francisco Chronicle restaurant critic Michael Bauer understands that not every diner can (or wishes to) tolerate noisy restaurants. In his ratings, in fact, you’ll find a special category that addresses noise levels, such as this from his recent review of Ristobar: “Noise rating: BOMB; Too noisy for normal conversation (80+ decibels).” (He very much enjoyed the food, however.) Likewise, Washington Post reviewer Tom Sietsema began rating noise levels in restaurants two years ago, writing, “More than bad food, more than tipping quandaries, more than someone wondering if a free meal should follow a rodent sighting in a dining room, the most frequent concern I get from readers involves loud restaurants.”

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