Tasty Tunes: A Delicious Summer Road Trip Playlist #savortheroad

Tasty Tunes: A delicious summer road trip playlistSummer is the season for road trips that put the epic in epicurean. Whether you’re heading out on a cross-country pilgrimage to a once-in-a-lifetime destination restaurant in California or a series of seaside shacks to find the best lobster roll in New England, your journey is going to need a soundtrack.

We decided to help out by putting together a Spotify summer road trip playlist guaranteed to whet your appetite. These delicious ditties pay tribute to foodstuffs ranging from applesauce and guava jelly to cheeseburgers and jerk ribs – and lots of appetizing points in between.

So, roll down the windows, crank up the stereo, and let the wind blow back your hair as you belt out these tasty tunes on this delicious summer road trip playlist. And, don’t forget to enter our #savortheroad giveaway for a chance to win one of ten $100 OpenTable gift cards!

Best Cities for Foodies; Vegas Dining Goes to New Heights + More

I would be too terrified to eat at 180 feet in the air!

Food and dining news from around the web and the world…

* Spirits in the sky. Food, too! This Vegas restaurant will lift diners up 180 feet in the air. My palms got slick with fear just typing that. [KTNV]

* Cities most fit for foodies. The 15 cities with the most restaurants per capita. [HuffPost]

* Timing is everything. When it comes to eating healthy. And, you know, almost everything else in the world. [Shape]

* Award-worthy menu. Wolfgang Puck’s menu for the 2013 Academy Awards is more delectable than George Clooney. [ABC News]

* Batali alarmed by inspectors. Someone says Chef B has secret alarms installed at his restaurants. [NY Post]

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Thomas Keller’s Last Meal; More Restaurant Menus Go Gluten Free; Flash Photography, Diaper-Changing Ruining Meals; Sifton’s Best Reviews

She portrayed the Queen of the Nile, but Elizabeth Taylor did not eat a Mediterranean diet.

Dining and restaurant news…

* Hold the gluten. More restaurants are offering menu items that are safe for celiac disease sufferers to eat. [Winston-Salem Journal]

* The game is chicken. Thomas Keller (The French Laundry) on unacceptable behavior and what his last meal would be. [FT.com]

* Flashers ruining meals. If you must photograph your food, leave your flash off. Thank you. [The New York Times]

* This doo is a don’t. If you dine out with your child, please remember that the table is not a changing station. Again, thank you. [Sun Times]

* Pump up the volume. Why restaurant music is often too loud or too lame. [Austin 360]

* Speaking of music. Even if it isn’t always music to your ears, per se, it’s music and restaurants have to pay for it. [InsideScoop SF]

* Dining with the Star Trekkers. Where Captain Picard would dine aboard the Enterprise. [Geek of the Day]

* The Liz Taylor diet. You may not lose any weight, but you’ll probably enjoy yourself immensely noshing on the notorious man eater’s menu. [Village Voice]

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Cakeage Fees Explained; Licenses Not Music to Restaurant Owners’ Ears; Kids Under 18 Banned at Restaurant; Insects Are Sustainable, But Are They Tasty?

Depending on how you slice it, cakeage fees could cost you more than the cake itself!

* Cakeage fees are climbing down under. To $10! As you may have guessed, diners aren’t happy. [Sydney Morning Herald]

* Please don’t stop the music. Although, it might be cheaper if restaurants did just that. [WRAL]

* Tweeting out. How social media is serving restaurants. [Sacramento Press]

* Much depends on dinner. Which is probably why moms are the ones who decide where the family will dine. [QSR]

* Diners behaving badly. In ten different ways. [Toronto Sun]

* Local restaurant survival guide. As told by three survivors. [Hickory Daily Record]

* Sign before you dine. D.C. restaurant Rogue 24 is asking guests to sign a two-page contract prior to dining. [Consumerist]

* Dishes on a diet. Top LA chefs give popular dishes a skinny twist. [LA Times]

* The secrets to restaurateur Danny Meyer’s success. There are 17! [Business Insider]

* Don’t look back. Unless you’re Alice Waters reflecting on 40 years of Chez Panisse. [Publisher’s Weekly]

*  Kids are banned at another restaurant. This time it’s those 18 and under, and some parents are outraged. I imagine some teenagers are glad they don’t have to dine out with mom and dad on a Saturday night. [Tennessean]

* Ketchup gives American cuisine a bad name. That’s what Jose Andres thinks. I disagree. Ketchup rules. [Seattle Times]

* Can’t afford to dine at The French Laundry? Make Thomas Keller’s chicken at home! [Foodie Chap]

* Bugging out. Insects are sustainable and edible. I’ll never eat them, but, you know, feel free. [Herald Sun]

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