Best Cities for Foodies; Vegas Dining Goes to New Heights + More

Food and dining news from around the web and the world… * Spirits in the sky. Food, too! This Vegas restaurant will lift diners up 180 feet in the air. My palms got slick with fear just typing that. [KTNV] * Cities most fit for foodies. The 15 cities with the most restaurants per capita. [HuffPost] * […]

Thomas Keller’s Last Meal; More Restaurant Menus Go Gluten Free; Flash Photography, Diaper-Changing Ruining Meals; Sifton’s Best Reviews

Dining and restaurant news… * Hold the gluten. More restaurants are offering menu items that are safe for celiac disease sufferers to eat. [Winston-Salem Journal] * The game is chicken. Thomas Keller (The French Laundry) on unacceptable behavior and what his last meal would be. [] * Flashers ruining meals. If you must photograph your […]

Cakeage Fees Explained; Licenses Not Music to Restaurant Owners’ Ears; Kids Under 18 Banned at Restaurant; Insects Are Sustainable, But Are They Tasty?

* Cakeage fees are climbing down under. To $10! As you may have guessed, diners aren’t happy. [Sydney Morning Herald] * Please don’t stop the music. Although, it might be cheaper if restaurants did just that. [WRAL] * Tweeting out. How social media is serving restaurants. [Sacramento Press] * Much depends on dinner. Which is […]